Music Video of the Day recap (week 1)

I mentioned in my Tweet from August 24 (via twitlonger), that I’d do a music video of the day recap weekly. This will be instead of posting individual videos to Twitter and here (when I feel like writing more than 140 characters).

Videos that are on Vevo, do not seem to work on, as the embed code is not supported on Using the embed code works (I tested on Blogger). It probably would work using (all the more reason to get a dot com!). Anyway, I’ll embed when I can, otherwise just click to go to the video. Most of the time I prefer the actual site as to choose the resolution, etc. I want.

Sia – Soon We’ll Be Found (August 20)

Wrote about this one when I started the Music Video of the Day feature.

From Sia’s 2008, Some People Have Real Problems is where the first selection comes. The song itself is sure to bring chills down one’s spine, and the accompanying music video is very well done, telling a story with shadows for the most part. A nice example of a great song and video.

Urban Dance Squad – Deeper Shade of Soul (Aug. 21)

I remember seeing this when I was quite young, growing up. Still an awesome song! I’ve never heard their other music, at least not specifically listening to it. This is from their debut, in 1989, Mental Floss For The Globe, and I’ll mention it again, they’re Dutch! Pool skating in 89, oh yeah!

M.I.A. – XXXO (Aug. 22)

I’ve read a few negative reviews of M.I.A.’s third album, they generally think it is too noisy, and not her usual self, or as I mentioned in my review, not enough playful/fun tracks. I of course quite liked it. It took a few listens till I really start enjoying it as a whole (as is the case many times anyway for me). I think some people are just too picky, they want a similar album, and if some artists make the same album over and over again (stylistically), they complain. Seems most professional reviewers liked it, they know what’s good!

Janelle Monáe – Cold War (Aug. 23)

Second single from Janelle Monáe’s awesome debut The ArchAndroid. Surprisingly sweet, simplistic video. Reminded me very much of Alanis Morissette’s awesome video for the great song “Head over Feet” from her proper 1995 debut Jagged Little Pill. Janelle’s video was directed by Wendy Morgan, while the Alanis video was directed by Alanis herself and Michele Laurita. The Alanis video follows.

Marina and the Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road (Aug. 24)

As I mentioned on Tweetlonger, I thought the video could have had more animations to accompany the lyrics, along with Marina incorporated. The video as it is is alright, but with lyrics such as: “Ten silver spoons coming after me”, and “The cutlery will keep on chasing me”, that could have made for a sweet video!

Coheed and Cambria, Welcome Home (Aug. 25)

I know this track from the “High-Five Hollywood” video at Funny or Die video, as well as Rock Band. I’ve actually seen them live once or twice at Warped Tour, but lately I am appreciating them more, as I quite like prog, and there’s not too much modern prog out there. And on this track, great intro! (Click to watch it on YouTube)

Emilíana Torrini – “Jungle Drum” (Aug. 26)

Great track from Emilíana Torrini’s latest, Me and Armini. Short, but very sweet!


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