Music Video of the Day recap week 2 (Aug. 27 – Sept. 2)

Music Video of the Day recap number two, August 27 to September 2.

One of the bands I grew up listening to was The Presidents of the United States of America. Upon hearing “Lump” I was a fan. I purchased The Presidents of the United States of America on cassette! I never listened to II extensively, yet it does contain some sweet tracks. “Volcano” being one of them! Expect a blog post from me about them on September 12.

Presidents of the United States of America – Volcano (#8)

I’m pretty sure “Movies” was the first song I heard from Alien Ant Farm. And of course a little later, their sweet cover of “Smooth Criminal”. This song was just in my head a few days before posting for some reason.

Alien Ant Farm’s awesome track “Movies” from ANThology (#9)

Audioslave have numerous videos/songs worth posting but I chose “Your Time Has Come” as it is a good example of a great song from the superb Out of Exile that saw the band come into their own, and is probably their finest of their three releases.

Audioslave’s Your Time Has Come (#10)

I had another Dixie Chicks video I thought of posting (another time!), but chose this. The debut single from their excellent country/bluegrass Home.

Dixie Chicks – Long Time Gone. (#11)

Great song. Enough said!

Queens of the Stone Age’s Little Sister (#12)

Sweet mellow, acoustic and percussion-less track from Californication. Californication spelled the start of a new era in the Peppers existence, the return of John Frusciante on guitar, and a new sound.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin’ #13 Not vevo!

Fefe Dobson rules. She is talented as it is, add songwriting (she helped pen “Start All Over” for Miley Cyrus), and generally great songs all around. Her new one “Ghost” has a slightly different feel in that it has some beats starting it off, but comes through again! It will be released on her new album Joy, hopefully October 5 as Amazon has shown. That will be a year delay as it is. Her second album Sunday Love never saw a proper release (although it is out there), so it has been a long time coming for a new record from Fefe, seven years to be precise!

Fefe Dobson’s latest, Ghost! #14 vevo

Until next week, keep checking out the Music Video of the Day on my Twitter!


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