Blondie (LP of the Week)

Upon learning that Blondie have a new album coming (Panic of Girls) out in the not too distant future, I decided to go back and listen to the album that started it all.

That album would Blondie’s eponymous debut from December 1976. I was not born at the time of release, so my details are somewhat limited, however I do know good music, and their debut was just that. It was actually better than good, it was an excellent debut.

Released on the independent Private Stock Records (later Chrysalis, their record label over the years) Blondie is a very much a playful new wave/rock album. It is also fairly poppy in nature thanks to Deborah Harry’s vocals. Of course as regulars at the legendary CBGB, they would prove to be influential in genres ranging from punk to hip hop.

I say playful, as in fun, and rock, as in Rock & Roll. I’ve been listening to the 2001 reissue, however the back of the booklet has liner notes as they appeared back in the day. After the band members, there is a paragraph that starts, “Rock & Roll is the name of their game, but to give you, the listeners more fun the object of their fame.” It ends with “‘Blondie’ hates fun but they have so much of it that they decided it’s time to unload the real meaning of fun on this lp.”

“In The Sun” is a new wave/punk track that would make the Beach Boys proud. The lyrics in “The Attack of the Giant Ants” illustrate the vivacious lyrics, “Giant ants from space, Snuff the human race, Then they eat your face, Never leave a trace”!

Very much worth listening to almost 34 years later!


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