Music Video of the Day week 5 weekly recap (September 17 – 23)

Quite a mix of genres for this recap. Dance/electro, rock, punk, hardcore punk, and so on. Soon I am planning a few consecutive videos with specific themes. If I can get enough for each, it will start on a Friday to work out for the weekly recap, that being the themes I have in mind, as I can come up with other themes that will be easy to fill.

This week I linked all the videos immediately after, in case people do not like the YouTube videos embedded when the post loads. In the case you do not mind, just click “Read the rest of this entry »” below, and all the videos are still in order, embedded into the post. So provided you visit via the main page, the embedded YouTube videos will not show up until clicking.

Kylie Minogue, M.I.A., and the Social Distortion videos do not allow embedding, so as usual, just click-through to YouTube, or use the below links.

Kylie Minogue’s new one for “Get Outta My Way” (September 17, #29)

Nice new track from Kylie’s latest, Aphrodite!

Foo Fighters, Times Like These (September 18, #30)

One of many really good songs from One by One

Sick of it All, Step Down! (September 19, #31)

Saw these guys on the 19th, and this was one of the songs they played. They always tend to put on a sweet show!

Rye Rye – Bang ft. M.I.A (September 20, #32)

Rye Rye opened for the M.I.A. show I saw, and she put on a great set! Her album, Go! Pop! Bang!, is scheduled to be released in January!!

M.I.A. Sunshowers (September 21, #33)

Sweet early M.I.A. track. Likely the first song many people heard by M.I.A.

OK Go, White Knuckles (September 22, #34)

I really only know OK Go from their videos. Yet another zany, perfect for the internet video. And it is good to see they are supporting and promoting animal rescue. All the dogs featured in the video were rescued. The video can be purchased on their website,, and net proceeds go to the ASPCA.

Social Distortion – When The Angels Sing (September 23, #35)

Their new album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, will be released November 23! This one is from two albums ago, White Light, White Heat, White Trash, which represents 14 years!


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