Music Video of the Day week 9 weekly recap (October 15 – 21)

As per the title, week 9 recap. A little late, as week 10 will be coming soon! I may start doing recaps every 10 videos instead soon. We shall see. Also, in case some people do not like viewing the full post with embedded videos (unless of course they stumbled upon the full post page), I’ll make it by default so the reader has to click to read the rest of the post.

Also coming soon, some themed MVOD (Music Video of the Day) weeks! I have two specific themes in mind now.

On with the videos. And as always, they are posted daily on my Twitter feed, @tmmblog, or search the hashtag #MVOD, I think I am about the only one that uses it!

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Rah Digga – Classic (review/LP of the week)

10 long years later, we have a second Rah Digga LP to listen to.

2004 should have seen the release of Rah’s second album, Everything Is A Story, on J Records, but it was another album that thanks to major label shenanigans, never saw the light of day. Everything happens for a reason.

Alas, now 2010, we have Classic. A straight up hip hop album. No collabo’s (collaborations), and just one producer. When I first heard via Rah’s Twitter that it would just be her rapping on the album, I was very happy to hear. Rah Digga’s excellent rapping really does not need guest spots, with her, it is all quality. I am a big fan of female rappers, however I have wished in the past that there would be less guests and skits on albums. Of course both can work in the albums favour (Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP), but it can also work against it (Lil Kim’s The Naked Truth).

With Rah Digga’s Classic, she is definitely straight spitting. The album clocks in just over 33 minutes, however with just Rah Digga on the album, it feels like it goes by really quickly. I’d love to hear a Lil Kim, or Trina album in that vein. To add another Rah Digga song reference, her rapping, is tight. She may speak big in her rhymes, but she can back it up.

The first official single is “This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap”, and despite that, really it is an album with no singles, in that they could all be singles. To further elaborate, since it was a single producer (Nottz), the entire album feels like it came from the same session, and has the feel that it works perfectly as a whole.

“You Got It” samples “I Know You Got Soul”, the Bobby Byrd song, possibly via the Eric B and Rakim track of the same name from Paid in Full (1987) that also sampled it. “‘Soul’, like De La!”

A straight up excellent hip hop/rap record.

Gardening, Not Architecture show review (Montreal October 15)

Sarah Saturday of Gardening, Not Architecture

The show was at Crobar, a small bar/venue on Crescent below Ste. Catherine. A few other local bands were playing.

I had caught Gardening, Not Architecture by just happening to walk by while she was playing, at the Montreal stop of the Warped Tour. That is also how I discovered the sweet U.K. punkers, TAT!

I got there a little late, but in time for the entire Gardening, Not Architecture set. The band playing when I arrived were finishing up their set as the Montreal Canadiens hockey game was finishing up. Although I was paying attention to the band and the hockey game (the tv was directly above and to the right if the stage), I did not notice what the rest of the people were doing. Whether you know or not, we like hockey a little (read: a LOT) in this town, so no doubt some people were checking out the hockey.

I was glad the game was over for Gardening, Not Architecture, so people would focus on her set.
Gardening, Not Architecture by the way, to steal borrow from her website is

an “electronic-tinged ethereal powerpop” collaboration between singer/songwriter Sarah Saturday and engineer/producer Beau Sorenson.

However at Warped Tour, and on this stop/tour she is solo with a backing track. Think of Canadian singer Lights, but less synth, more pop.

For her set, she had the lights turned down, and also had the baseball game on another television turned off, although I am a baseball fan, I thought that was good too, as I wanted to pay attention to her.

Presently, touring with her first LP (aptly titled, First LP), she plays with an interactive LED ‘light wall’ that she built herself! Thus making her performance an audio-visual feast!

Her set was very good, I actually recognised a few songs, thanks to seeing her at Warped Tour, and a couple of music videos. “Electronic-tinged ethereal powerpop” nails the genre! The sound was quite good despite the small venue. My only quibble with her set was it was way too short! It was probably 30 minutes tops. She only brought so many backing tracks with her, so understandable.

It is worth adding, Sarah aka Gardening, Not Architecture is unsigned now, and touring thanks to donations and merch sales. I linked it on Twitter a little while ago, here again, a little piece she wrote about being unsigned.

Here’s a couple of Gardening, Not Architecture music videos to check out, followed by the remaining tour dates. If you have the chance, definitely check her out! (Check her official site for the most up to date tour schedule)

Gardening, Not Architecture links:

Official site
and of course,
Twitter and Twitter!

Remaining tour dates:

10/23/2010 Halifax Pop Explosion (Presenter/Performer)
10/24/2010 [[[ OFF – FLY – SLEEP – DRIVE ]]]
10/25/2010 Reading, PA @ Albright College
10/26/2010 [[[ OFF ]]]
10/27/2010 [[[ OFF ]]]
10/28/2010 Philadelphia, PA @ 8th n’ Berks
10/29/2010 Pittsburgh, PA @ Hard Rock Cafe
10/30/2010 TBA
10/31/2010 Columbia, SC @ The House
11/01/2010 [[[ OFF ]]]
11/02/2010 TBA
11/03/2010 TBA
11/04/2010 Tampa, FL @ Fly Bar
11/05/2010 Gainesville, FL @ Civic Media Center
11/06/2010 Valdosta, GA – HOUSE SHOW
11/07/2010 Lake City, TN – HOUSE SHOW
11/08/2010 Lexington vs. Columbus
11/09/2010 Chicago, IL @ Ronny’s Bar
11/10/2010 Milwaukee, WI @ TBA
11/11/2010 Madison, WI @ The Frequency
11/12/2010 La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse
11/13/2010 Des Moines, IA @ Beechwood Lounge
11/14/2010 [[[ OFF – SLEEP – DRIVE ]]]
11/15/2010 Englewood, CO @ Moe’s Original
11/16/2010 SLC, UT @ Facade Clothing Store
11/17/2010 Nampa, ID @ Flying M Coffeegarage
11/18/2010 Pendleton, OR @ Great Pacific
11/19/2010 Everett, WA @ TBA
11/20/2010 Seattle, WA @ Monkey Pub (2 of 2)
11/20/2010 Olympia, WA @ Record Swap (1 of 2)
11/21/2010 Portland, OR @ TBA
11/22/2010 Redding, CA @ The Bohemian Art Loft
11/23/2010 TBA
11/24/2010 Stockton, CA @ Plea For Peace Center
11/25/2010 Elk Grove (Sac-to), CA @ House Show!
11/26/2010 Bay Area, CA @ TBA
11/27/2010 West Hollywood @ On The Rox

New Music: Duffy – Endlessly, November 29, 2010

The new Duffy release, Endlessly, is set to be released November 29. The first single, “Well Well Well” is out now, and I have embedded the video below. At this point, after only hearing it a couple of times, it has not struck a chord with me, however I like to listen to albums as a whole, and let them grow on me.

The cover is not bad, a little less of a mysterious feel than the cover of her debut. Sort of down to earthy, so I have a feeling it will be a fairly mellow album.

I can not call myself a huge fan of hers, but she does have a few standout tracks in my opinion, “Warwick Avenue” being one. And her voice is fairly unique, one cannot go wrong with being compared to Dusty Springfield!

Isis (of Thunderheist) Pop Montreal show review (October 2, 2010 Club Soda)

Isis was actually the second opener. She was supposed to be the only opener, according to the Pop Montreal program, but another act played too. Can’t say as I know who they were, as I was looking forward to Isis, so was not too receptive. They were okay, although not really my cup of tea. No point in really describing, as I do not even know who they are! The headliners were Radio Radio.

Isis, of course, as mentioned in the blog title, is of the group Thunderheist, and with the release of their self titled debut in March of 2009, they received quite a fair amount of attention. However solo, Isis is not as well known.

Her solo work is similar to Thunderheist, but probably more hip hop, R&B, soul, and indie. Performing along with her, was a turntablist and a drummer.

All in all, quite a good set. She performed Thunderheist’s “Little Booty Girl”, with somewhat different beats. Just as she was about to end her set, I believe she was told she had time for another song. She did a somewhat impromptu version of Cee Lo’s new track, “Fuck You”, well done too considering the track was still fairly new, even though it had been all over the internets.

So I look forward to her solo work. Check her out on MySpace.

Music Video of the Day week 8 weekly recap (October 8 – 14)

October 2 (#50)
Sarah McLachlan – Adia

A great Sarah McLachlan song from her also great album Surfacing.

October 3 (#51)
Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think

From the very solid How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???. PE’s latest, from 2007.

October 4 (#52)
Regina Spector – Us

I first heard this being performed on Letterman I believe. Perhaps it was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Anyway, that was the first time I heard of her, and she continues to release good releases.

October 5 (#53)
Jully Black – Until I Stay

Insanely good song. As I mentioned on Twitter, a perfect song, flawless. Like in Seinfeld when Elaine’s boyfriend has to stop doing everything and listen to “Desperado” when playing. Sort of similar for me and this song. (Speaking of The Eagles… see below!)

October 6 (#54)
A Camp – I Can Buy You
A Camp, is the side project of The Cardigans lead singer, Nina Persson. This is from their first album, A Camp. Last year she released Colonia, their second LP.

October 7 (#55)
Eagles of Death Metal – I Only Want You

This time, I discovered Eagles of Death Metal performing “Speaking in Tongues” on Conan. This is from their awesome debut, Peace, Love, Death Metal. Although all their albums rule, that one remains my favourite. Oh, and a guy by the name if Josh Homme drums for them on their albums. Joey Castillo tours.

October 8 (#56)
Nightwood, Cave of the Spleen

Local Montreal up and comers. My friend Eric used to be their old drummer. He has a Montreal blog you should definitely check out, Le Coeur de Sainte-Marie, it’s in English and French.

Macy Gray Pop Montreal show review (Club Soda October 1)

Opening this show was locals Random Recipe. I believe I only heard of them through Pop Montreal, and only heard a couple of tracks through their MySpace page. They are composed of vocalist and guitarist Frannie Holder, rapper and singer Fab, guitarist, keyboardist, and bassist Vincent Legault, and percussionist Liu-Kong Ha.

As a whole they are hip hop and orientated with live drumming, and MCing and singing. Frannie seems to have a good voice, perhaps even classically trained, as it sounded almost operatic at times. As a whole, they play well together, and was fairly agreeable, they seem to need to work a little on songwriting, and putting a song together, as I enjoyed them, and their style, but I did not feel it too much. “Shipwreck” (on their MySpace page) is quite a catchy hip hoppy/folky song. Given time, and persistence they could definitely get quite good.

They recently released their debut LP, Fold it! Mold it!

Macy Gray of course was what everyone was waiting for. She attracted quite a diverse crowd, from youngsters to middle agers.

She had one backup singer, and all the musicians one would expect from a fairly high-profile R&B artist. Love and sexy people (the crowd of course) seemed to be a major theme, not really a surprise given her lyrical content! She had quite a stage presence, getting the crowd really into the show. She gave her band their full credit with introductions to each member, and their own brief solo on their respective instruments. Her backup singer was even given the chance to sing a couple of numbers all on her own. One being Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. After this, Macy returned from a wardrobe change to perform Radiohead’s “Creep”.

Along with her stage presence, she told a few stories that segued into the start of the next song nicely. A two song encore was played, beginning with Queen’s “We Are the Champions”. It stated with just the guitarist playing only and eventually everyone was involved, including the audience.

I am not a huge Macy Gray fan, however I left knowing it was a good show, and those that are fans definitely enjoyed themselves.

Bonjay Pop Montreal show review (September 30 @ Jukebox)

So I went to check out Bonjay based on a recommendation on a tweet. They were not the headliners, Cocktail Club Soundsystem were. Bonjay did play immediately before them. Also on the bill was Recife and Pink Skull. I cannot say I have heard of any of them save for Bonjay. And even with Bonjay, I had only their small MySpace selection, most notable, “Gimme Gimme”, which is quite a good club banger!

The Bonjay set was all I did see, as this was after the Laura Veirs show. Regardless, the set was about 45 minutes, which is not bad for an up and coming act, and with limited material to my knowledge (They have been around for a couple of years though).

For those not familiar with Bonjay, they are a duo, Alanna Stuart and Ian Swain (aka DJ Pho). Alanna is the vocalist, and Ian Swain the DJ, as you can imagine based on his alias! His setup is a couple of Akai decks and a Macbook. A couple of times Alanna said how they do it all live, hence no turntables, making it more likely to make mistakes. Call it the organic way. I myself do like turntables, however if the DJ is just playing records, indeed, it may as well be done live. I am not too familiar with the process, although I am working on getting into making some of my own music.

The setup did cause one mistake, I believe it was “Gimme Gimme” they were starting, and DJ Pho had to restart after a moment due to an error. Of course, it did not bother me, as I got to hear the start of the song again!

The show was the Thursday before the release of their third EP, Broughtupsy. They did have copies though, and I did pick one up. They played a few from the new EP, and ones that I imagine appear on the first two, Gimme Gimme and Bangarang Business. Alanna is quite the versatile vocalist, she can go from dancehall to R&B to dance, and so on. The first two in the same song, “Faat Gyal”! Therefore the beats and breaks run the gamut as well, making for an eclectic mix, but all in all great club/dance/electro music. They also played the Bonjay take on Feist’s “Honey”, and Caribou’s “Jamelia”.

So all in all, quite an enjoyable set. I look forward to see what the future brings for the up and coming Bonjay!

KT Tunstall – Tiger Suit review

With Tiger Suit, KT Tunstall’s third album, a better picture is painted of her overall style. Early on, with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”, I would have thought of her as more alternative rock/pop, now I’d lean towards the adult alternative rock/pop genre. This being a good thing, as she is showing off her maturity as an artist, all the while still producing songs that are catchy and fun (“Push That Knot Away”, “Fade Like a Shadow”, and “Come On, Get In”, the latter kazoo and all!) and ones that fit both descriptions (“Difficult”).

“(Still a) Weirdo” is an excellent song, definitely worthy as a single, as it is the lead single in the United Kingdom. With the overall quality of KT’s work, it was hard to imagine not being impressed once again. The album shines once again in having its own distinct feel. “Madame Trudeaux” fits this description perfectly, as does the first track, “Uummannaq Song”.

I could go on, going track by track, but I feel that would be futile, as it is an album that has to be heard. Less time reading the review, more time listening to the music!

Still away/Music on television picks this week

So I am still away for the holiday weekend. I´ll be back in a day or two with new posts. In the meantime, here is some music on television picks for the week.

Unless you are on the west coast, it is too late for tonight´s shows. Otherwise, the clips can be found on the respective websites.

Mark Ronson with Q-Tip and MNDR was on Letterman, The XX were on Kimmel.

Tomorrow (or later today), Tuesday October 12, Broken Bells are on Carson Daly.

Wednesday October 13, M.I.A. is on Leno, Mark Ronson is on Kimmel, and Lissie (!) is on Carson Daly!

Thursday October 14, Damian Marley & Nas find their way to Jimmy Kimmel´s show, Ben Folds is on Jimmy Fallon, and City and Colour are on Carson Daly.

Friday October 15, John Legend is on Leno (aka not Conan) and Florence and the Machine (!) is on Ellen´s show!

So I most recommend Lissie and Florence and the Machine, and then M.I.A.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!