Music Video of the Day week 6 weekly recap (September 24 – 30)

All the videos disallow embedding (at least here..), so, once again, click-through to YouTube. Annie’s the only non YouTube video, and I just plain text linked to it (at

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches (September 24) #36

Even though Robyn has still been around, this fueled her commercial comeback. Electropop as opposed to straight pop, and a style change to boot (the funky hair most noticeably!). From Robyn.

Annie – Heartbeat (September 25) #37

Alongside “Chewing Gum”, “Heartbeat” was another single that from Annie’s excellent debut that made her an underground pop sensation. From the 2004 Anniemal.

Goldfrapp – Ooh La La (September 26) #38

First single from Goldfrapp’s third album, Supernature, before changing up their style for 2008’s Seventh Tree.

Sarah Harmer – Pendulums (September 27) #39

From her 2004 album “All of Our Names”. A really good album, and she then released the folk/bluegrass I’m a Mountain, and this past June, Oh Little Fire.

Bad Religion – American Jesus (September 28) #40

For many Bad Religion fans, this is THE Bad Religion song. For many others it would be “Along the Way”. “American Jesus” is from Recipe for Hate, released in 1993.

Solange – I Decided
(September 29) #41

I forgot to say this is Solange on Twitter! Also known as Beyoncé’s sister. However she has her own sound, and made it on her own. This is from her second album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, where she really came to be who she is now.

Laura Veirs – Galaxies (September 30) #42

I saw Laura Veirs live a few nights ago, very good show. She does not seem to disappoint in her recorded material, this is no exception. This is from her fifth (!) release, Year of Meteors.


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