Music Video of the Day week 7 weekly recap (October 1 – 7)

October 1, #43

Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins – Rise Up With Fists

This is how I was introduced to The Watson Twins.

October 2, #44

As I mentioned in Twitter, Isis, the singer from Thunderheist, performed this live during her set. Although she had her own beats, which were similar, yet lacked the signature ones from the track, yet, still very good live! Show review up soon.

Thunderheist – Little Booty Girl

October 3, #45

I only recently heard of Maylee, and was able to see her live show on the final day of Pop Montreal, and part of her set from the second to last day. Very entertaining live, and she definitely has a bright future ahead of her! This show review will be up soon too! A MUST see music video!

Maylee Todd – Aerobics in Space

October 4, #46

Just a good Alanis track from 2002s Under Rug Swept. One I think of on occasion when looking to move on from a negative experience.

Alanis Morissette – Hands Clean

October 5, #47

Great Beastie’s song from Hello Nasty! Song of the summer of 1998 for me!

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

October 6, #48

So Twitter was acting up, and I could not find #48, I wrongly thought it was Sarah Harmer, but she was featured as #39. It actually should have been Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”.

Rockit was a huge influence on DJ culture and the explosion of scratching. Mix Master Mike saw the performance at the 1984 Grammys (it won for Best R&B Instrumental Performance), and before he could afford turntables, he used tape decks, and mixed Hallowe’en tapes, hence his name (from Scratch)

Herbie Hancock – Rockit

Yet another quality song from another great Canadian artist. She is touring now, so I look forward to seeing her live later this month! This is from 2004s All of Our Names.

Sarah Harmer – Pendulums

October 7, #49

Earlier, I featured KT’s lead UK single, “(Still a) Weirdo”, and now that the new album, Tiger Suit is out, her lead North American single!

KT Tunstall – Fade Like a Shadow


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