Uffie – Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans review

Vocoder, autotune, you name it, Uffie has likely used it.

Uffie’s debut, a surprisingly long time in the making (or at least before being released), as “Pop the Glock” was first released in early 2006. It makes Kid Sister’s gap between first single (“Pro Nails”) and album (Ultraviolet) of approximately two years seem reasonable.

For the most part, provided one can stand her modified vocals, it is not that bad an album. Silliness and goofiness is expected given Uffie’s reputation. Especially the case on the ending of “MCs Can Kiss” when ‘she’ tries playing the saxophone for the first time. Also “NeuNeu” sounds like it collided with a cheesy 80s song, yet still manages

And despite her bragging on “Art of Uff” (“You’re so tired to hear about what I do…”But guess what, Me and my stupid flow, Me and my MySpace, With only three tracks a year, And they still talk about me) she also claims on “Our Song”, that she never claimed to be an artist, or that she can sing.

Mr. Oizo of “Flat Beat” fame produced a few tracks, including the aforementioned “NeuNeu”. Mirwais, among a couple of others shared production duties. A few tracks actually turn out quite well, “Give it Away”, and “Ricky” could be mistaken for some good electropop tracks.

For the most part, I would not recommend it, at least not in the way I’d recommend the new KT Tunstall; or an album that has staying power, that will be remembered years from now. Of course, Uffie may still be remembered, but not in the best light. It is a fun listen, when looking to get in the mood to go out on the town, or when feeling down, and looking to feel better. Even then, choosing select tracks would be best.


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