KT Tunstall – Tiger Suit review

With Tiger Suit, KT Tunstall’s third album, a better picture is painted of her overall style. Early on, with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”, I would have thought of her as more alternative rock/pop, now I’d lean towards the adult alternative rock/pop genre. This being a good thing, as she is showing off her maturity as an artist, all the while still producing songs that are catchy and fun (“Push That Knot Away”, “Fade Like a Shadow”, and “Come On, Get In”, the latter kazoo and all!) and ones that fit both descriptions (“Difficult”).

“(Still a) Weirdo” is an excellent song, definitely worthy as a single, as it is the lead single in the United Kingdom. With the overall quality of KT’s work, it was hard to imagine not being impressed once again. The album shines once again in having its own distinct feel. “Madame Trudeaux” fits this description perfectly, as does the first track, “Uummannaq Song”.

I could go on, going track by track, but I feel that would be futile, as it is an album that has to be heard. Less time reading the review, more time listening to the music!


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