Isis (of Thunderheist) Pop Montreal show review (October 2, 2010 Club Soda)

Isis was actually the second opener. She was supposed to be the only opener, according to the Pop Montreal program, but another act played too. Can’t say as I know who they were, as I was looking forward to Isis, so was not too receptive. They were okay, although not really my cup of tea. No point in really describing, as I do not even know who they are! The headliners were Radio Radio.

Isis, of course, as mentioned in the blog title, is of the group Thunderheist, and with the release of their self titled debut in March of 2009, they received quite a fair amount of attention. However solo, Isis is not as well known.

Her solo work is similar to Thunderheist, but probably more hip hop, R&B, soul, and indie. Performing along with her, was a turntablist and a drummer.

All in all, quite a good set. She performed Thunderheist’s “Little Booty Girl”, with somewhat different beats. Just as she was about to end her set, I believe she was told she had time for another song. She did a somewhat impromptu version of Cee Lo’s new track, “Fuck You”, well done too considering the track was still fairly new, even though it had been all over the internets.

So I look forward to her solo work. Check her out on MySpace.


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