Gardening, Not Architecture show review (Montreal October 15)

Sarah Saturday of Gardening, Not Architecture

The show was at Crobar, a small bar/venue on Crescent below Ste. Catherine. A few other local bands were playing.

I had caught Gardening, Not Architecture by just happening to walk by while she was playing, at the Montreal stop of the Warped Tour. That is also how I discovered the sweet U.K. punkers, TAT!

I got there a little late, but in time for the entire Gardening, Not Architecture set. The band playing when I arrived were finishing up their set as the Montreal Canadiens hockey game was finishing up. Although I was paying attention to the band and the hockey game (the tv was directly above and to the right if the stage), I did not notice what the rest of the people were doing. Whether you know or not, we like hockey a little (read: a LOT) in this town, so no doubt some people were checking out the hockey.

I was glad the game was over for Gardening, Not Architecture, so people would focus on her set.
Gardening, Not Architecture by the way, to steal borrow from her website is

an “electronic-tinged ethereal powerpop” collaboration between singer/songwriter Sarah Saturday and engineer/producer Beau Sorenson.

However at Warped Tour, and on this stop/tour she is solo with a backing track. Think of Canadian singer Lights, but less synth, more pop.

For her set, she had the lights turned down, and also had the baseball game on another television turned off, although I am a baseball fan, I thought that was good too, as I wanted to pay attention to her.

Presently, touring with her first LP (aptly titled, First LP), she plays with an interactive LED ‘light wall’ that she built herself! Thus making her performance an audio-visual feast!

Her set was very good, I actually recognised a few songs, thanks to seeing her at Warped Tour, and a couple of music videos. “Electronic-tinged ethereal powerpop” nails the genre! The sound was quite good despite the small venue. My only quibble with her set was it was way too short! It was probably 30 minutes tops. She only brought so many backing tracks with her, so understandable.

It is worth adding, Sarah aka Gardening, Not Architecture is unsigned now, and touring thanks to donations and merch sales. I linked it on Twitter a little while ago, here again, a little piece she wrote about being unsigned.

Here’s a couple of Gardening, Not Architecture music videos to check out, followed by the remaining tour dates. If you have the chance, definitely check her out! (Check her official site for the most up to date tour schedule)

Gardening, Not Architecture links:

Official site
and of course,
Twitter and Twitter!

Remaining tour dates:

10/23/2010 Halifax Pop Explosion (Presenter/Performer)
10/24/2010 [[[ OFF – FLY – SLEEP – DRIVE ]]]
10/25/2010 Reading, PA @ Albright College
10/26/2010 [[[ OFF ]]]
10/27/2010 [[[ OFF ]]]
10/28/2010 Philadelphia, PA @ 8th n’ Berks
10/29/2010 Pittsburgh, PA @ Hard Rock Cafe
10/30/2010 TBA
10/31/2010 Columbia, SC @ The House
11/01/2010 [[[ OFF ]]]
11/02/2010 TBA
11/03/2010 TBA
11/04/2010 Tampa, FL @ Fly Bar
11/05/2010 Gainesville, FL @ Civic Media Center
11/06/2010 Valdosta, GA – HOUSE SHOW
11/07/2010 Lake City, TN – HOUSE SHOW
11/08/2010 Lexington vs. Columbus
11/09/2010 Chicago, IL @ Ronny’s Bar
11/10/2010 Milwaukee, WI @ TBA
11/11/2010 Madison, WI @ The Frequency
11/12/2010 La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse
11/13/2010 Des Moines, IA @ Beechwood Lounge
11/14/2010 [[[ OFF – SLEEP – DRIVE ]]]
11/15/2010 Englewood, CO @ Moe’s Original
11/16/2010 SLC, UT @ Facade Clothing Store
11/17/2010 Nampa, ID @ Flying M Coffeegarage
11/18/2010 Pendleton, OR @ Great Pacific
11/19/2010 Everett, WA @ TBA
11/20/2010 Seattle, WA @ Monkey Pub (2 of 2)
11/20/2010 Olympia, WA @ Record Swap (1 of 2)
11/21/2010 Portland, OR @ TBA
11/22/2010 Redding, CA @ The Bohemian Art Loft
11/23/2010 TBA
11/24/2010 Stockton, CA @ Plea For Peace Center
11/25/2010 Elk Grove (Sac-to), CA @ House Show!
11/26/2010 Bay Area, CA @ TBA
11/27/2010 West Hollywood @ On The Rox


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