Rah Digga – Classic (review/LP of the week)

10 long years later, we have a second Rah Digga LP to listen to.

2004 should have seen the release of Rah’s second album, Everything Is A Story, on J Records, but it was another album that thanks to major label shenanigans, never saw the light of day. Everything happens for a reason.

Alas, now 2010, we have Classic. A straight up hip hop album. No collabo’s (collaborations), and just one producer. When I first heard via Rah’s Twitter that it would just be her rapping on the album, I was very happy to hear. Rah Digga’s excellent rapping really does not need guest spots, with her, it is all quality. I am a big fan of female rappers, however I have wished in the past that there would be less guests and skits on albums. Of course both can work in the albums favour (Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP), but it can also work against it (Lil Kim’s The Naked Truth).

With Rah Digga’s Classic, she is definitely straight spitting. The album clocks in just over 33 minutes, however with just Rah Digga on the album, it feels like it goes by really quickly. I’d love to hear a Lil Kim, or Trina album in that vein. To add another Rah Digga song reference, her rapping, is tight. She may speak big in her rhymes, but she can back it up.

The first official single is “This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap”, and despite that, really it is an album with no singles, in that they could all be singles. To further elaborate, since it was a single producer (Nottz), the entire album feels like it came from the same session, and has the feel that it works perfectly as a whole.

“You Got It” samples “I Know You Got Soul”, the Bobby Byrd song, possibly via the Eric B and Rakim track of the same name from Paid in Full (1987) that also sampled it. “‘Soul’, like De La!”

A straight up excellent hip hop/rap record.


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