Music Video of the Day week 9 weekly recap (October 15 – 21)

As per the title, week 9 recap. A little late, as week 10 will be coming soon! I may start doing recaps every 10 videos instead soon. We shall see. Also, in case some people do not like viewing the full post with embedded videos (unless of course they stumbled upon the full post page), I’ll make it by default so the reader has to click to read the rest of the post.

Also coming soon, some themed MVOD (Music Video of the Day) weeks! I have two specific themes in mind now.

On with the videos. And as always, they are posted daily on my Twitter feed, @tmmblog, or search the hashtag #MVOD, I think I am about the only one that uses it!

October 15

Gardening, Not Architecture – Stop, I Get It

I saw Gardening, Not Architecture at Warped Tour this year, and live in Montreal October 15. I posted the review a couple of posts back.

Think of Canadian singer Lights, but replace the synth with a backing track, or as described on her website, “electronic tinged ethereal powerpop”! Good stuff, definitely worth checking out. Her tour still has a month to go, from Pennsylvania back to California, so check her official site for tour dates.

October 16

Ben Harper – Ground on Down

A great Ben Harper song. One of the first videos I saw with skateboarding in it in the modern era of skateboarding. Sweet video too! Great song to rock out to as I mentioned on Twitter!

Ben Harper – Ground on Down (View on YouTube, as embedding is disallowed)

October 17

Headstones – Unsound

Some good Canadian rock circa 1995. I never really listened to them that much back then. Think I’ll have to listen to their material now!

October 18

Rick Ross – Hustlin’

I knew this as the intro music Katt Williams uses on his standup routine at times. One good routine talks specifically about this song! They digitalised Katt, and he can be found doing his stuff in Grand Theft Auto 4!

October 19

Lissie – Little Lovin’

Lissie fan I am. And this is a sweet track, you cannot get much more Americana than this today. Also, Lissie is from Rock Island, Illinois. I know that part of the Midwest, as I have family roots there.

October 20

Verucal Salt – Seether

The Verucal Salt song that started it all, as far as singles go. They released two albums before disbanding, that being Nina Gordon and Louise Post. Louise Post has kept the band going with a couple of releases. I actually quite liked Resolver. Different from old Veruca as Nina is not on it, but still good. I have not heard IV yet still!

October 21

Olivia – Bizounce

Olivia’s lead single from her 2001 album. I cannot recall the album as a whole, but I know this was a pretty sweet track. “Are You Capable” was another single and good one. Similar to Rah Digga’s second album, Olivia’s was shelved as well, hers being Behind Closed Doors that should have been released in 2005. On a new label, apparently she has a new album due soon, Show the World. Here’s hoping it gets released. And it would be nice if it were similar to Rah Digga’s new album, just her, straight up R&B/hip hop/rap. Or at least minimal guests, etc.


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