Music Video of the Day week 10 weekly recap (October 22 – 28)

October 22 (#64)

Jem – They

The first song/video I saw from Jem (Jemma Griffiths). Her 2004 Finally Woken was a terrific debut. Her follow up, Down to Earth, was released in 2008.

According to a post Jem made on her website, she is keeping busy with filmmaking and music. She thinks her next album will be out sometime next year. She also said she put her piano album on the backburner. She also said she co-produced a new artist this year, and will be featured on that album. AND will be recording the soundtrack for her own film!

October 23 (#65)

Sloan – Believe in Me

Unfortunately did not make their concert. Next time for sure! In the meantime, yet another really good Sloan track. This is from their most recent album, Parallel Play.

October 24 (#66)

Coldplay – Viva la Vida

I had listened to this song a few times recently. Great song, probably my favourite from their most recent from 2008, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Coldplay are at work on their follow up, being their fifth studio album!

October 25 (#67)

Transplants – Diamonds and Guns

Another first song/video, this time from the side project of Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Devils Brigade, in which he is just the guitarist) and Travis Barker (Blink-182, Box Car Racer, and later +44). They are also working on new material. I expect 2011 will see their third long player.

October 26 (#68)

At the Drive-In – One Armed Scissor

A great, rocking track from At the Drive-In’s final album (Relationship of Command, 2000) before they would disband. Also their major label debut on the Beastie Boy’s Grand Royal. They were a great example of a band that just kept getting better. When I was in college radio, I gave their previous effort In/Casino/Out plenty of rotation! Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala would go on to form The Mars Volta, while Jim Ward would form Sparta (along with Paul Hinojos and Tony Hajjar), and is presently with Sleepercar.

Oh yeah, and this track is on Rock Band 3! Which came out the day this was featured as the MVOD.

October 27 (#69)

Beyoncé – Halo

Almost certainly my favourite Beyoncé song (I’ve never really judged). Her voice really shines on this song. Apparently the song was offered to Leona Lewis. I think Leona would have done a really good version as well, in the end, it suited Beyoncé really well.

October 28 (#70)

Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick

Charlotte Church has a new album out, Back to Scratch. “Crazy Chick” is from her pop debut album, Tissues and Issues, after four classical/crossover albums. Tissues and Issues was such a good pop album, I had been looking forward to a new album from her for a while.

Click for the videos!


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