The Misfits, quality punk rock.

The Misfits are still going, however to me I do not really pay attention to them anymore. Jerry Only, practically a founding member —as he replaced original bassist Diane DiPiazza a month or so after the band formed— is presently the lead vocalist and bassist. Dez Cadena (of Black Flag, DC3, etc.) and Robo round out the lineup of the present day Misfits.

Robo was a member of Black Flag too, and also had been with the Misfits for slightly over a year from July 1982 – August 1983. He was the drummer on the final Misfits recording featuring Glenn Danzig, Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood.

Marky Ramone drummed for the post Michale Graves Misfits for a few years from 2001 – 2005!

I cannot say as I know what the general consensus is, but I very much liked Michale Graves as lead vocalist. Graves having released American Psycho and Famous Monsters with them. He can also be heard on the compilation album Cuts from the Crypt. With that in mind, as I mentioned at the start, I lost interest when Michale Graves left. I am guessing that is how Danzig era Misfits fans feel regarding Michale Graves as the lead vocalist. “”1,000,000 Years B.C.” and “Devil Doll” a couple excellent (among many!) tracks from the Michale Graves Misfits. They were on the digipack version of Famous Monsters and later the aforementioned Cuts from the Crypt album.

There is no doubt, one cannot compare the two, Danzig is, well, Danzig! Michale Graves does have a voice that suited the Misfits well though, and released some good late 90s horror punk combining old Misfits and modern punk.

Around the 1999, Vampiro (Canadian Ian Richard Hodgkinson) actually brought the Misfits into wrestling, the WCW to be exact. I was doing college radio at the time, and my friend Nathan who is into wrestling (and the Misfits!) informed me. I thought he was a member, even if unofficial, of the Misfits for a while, perhaps that was just for the wrestling.

The wrestling introduction music was “Kong at the Gates” from Famous Monsters. Clips can be found on YouTube by searching Vampiro and the Misfits. I am not sure how much wrestling Jerry, and perhaps the rest, were involved in, as Vampiro is actually a wrestler by trade.

The singled “Cough/Cool” (b/w “She”) started the Misfits off way back in August 1977. Both tracks had been re-recorded for various different releases. The first version of “She” is a must hear for Misfits fans, as it featured electric piano that was changed to guitar on future version(s). Although the original definitely makes for an interesting listen, I prefer the version from Legacy of Brutality.

The Misfits released several singles, and their first proper album, Static Age, was not even released in full until 1997! It should have been out in 1978. Wikipedia, and fan site Misfits Central does a good job with the entire Misfits discography, as I will not begin to list it in its entirety! The latter listing all Misfits related projects and Danzig’s post Misfits work as well.

Jump to 1982, and Walk Among Us is the first released Misfits album. Personally, and many others will agree, this is the best Misfits record. Not only a must in horror punk, but punk period! I would even go as far to say that everyone who likes rock music should give it a listen.

Violent World: A Tribute to the Misfits was released in 1997, and it illustrates just how big an influence the Misfits were in punk rock (NOFX, Pennywise), hardcore punk (Sick of it All, Earth Crisis), and rock (Therapy?, Prong).

Another tribute album that I just discovered now thanks to Wikipedia, Hell on Earth: A Tribute to the Misfits, was released in 2000. It is more garage/industrial. Although Balzac is on it, think of them as the Japanese Misfits.

All in all, the Misfits have definitely left their mark and a legacy.

The picture formed when combining all the NOFX 7 inch of the month releases, clearly Misfits influenced!


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