What I’m reading

This post came to me when I was about to click the link to get to the first bit I posted about (Tegan and Sara). I am likely stealing it from the Sony Playstation official blog, as they do a what they are reading post probably every week. I have added a snippet from what I am linking though. Onwards and upwards.

Tegan and Sara at the Olympia @ RTE

I became a fan of Canada’s Tegan and Sara through 2007’s ‘The Con’, a record that should have put the twins on the cover of all the big music magazines and on the iPods of the masses.

I scratched my head and wondered some more why Tegan and Sara aren’t bigger

The Top Ten Beatles Songs of All Time @ Rolling Stone

#10: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

October 31: The Misfits, “Skulls” @ The Daily Guru

“Skulls” is an absolute classic, as the energy and spirit behind the song are unlike anything else.

Eliza Doolittle Covers Cee-Lo @ The Music Slut

The adorable English singer Eliza Doolittle took a few moments backstage to record this rather splendid little cover.

Name That Drum Fill @ NPR

So I put together this little list — listen and see how many fills and breaks you can identify.


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