Cassius – Au Rêve (LP of the week)

Much overdue LP of the week!

So, electronic music is not my forté, however I know what I like, and I know a good album when I hear it. Au Rêve is Cassius’ second album, it was released September 17, 2002.

“Telephone Love” is my least favourite track, in that the telephone ringing tone used in the track gets annoying fairly quickly. Otherwise, it’s a slower tempo electronic track. It would have definitely been better having omitted said effect. Especially since it is almost seven minutes long. By contrast, “Hi Water” is an excellent track making use of a sound effect that is almost sounding like lasers in television and film.

Very grooving upbeat album for the most part. This includes Ghostface Killah laying rhymes on “Thrilla”. And it sounds quite good. Maybe not as good as KRS-One rapping on Goldie’s “Digital” from Saturnz Return, but close! Nonetheless, it live up to the song title.

It states on Wikipedia how this album is a different direction that their debut, 1999, as it features more live vocalists, and less sampling. Many of the tracks with live vocalists do not necessarily need vocals, in that they are well put together on their own, however the vocalists do add that extra something making them all the more better.

A couple of the vocalists, Leroy Burgess (“Till We Got You and Me”) and Steve Edwards (“The Sound of Violence”) have excellent voices for electronic/dance. “The Sound of Violence” in particular sounds great with vocals. This was the track I remember hearing years ago, likely right around when the album was released, as a friend of mine introduced me to it.

The album closes with a few instrumentals, “Nothing” is almost Portishead like, perhaps house Portishead. “On” sounds like it uses a slightly modified backing from “The Sound of Violence” during the same time it also employs some souped up eight bit style gaming sounds for a short while. Not counting the opener, “Hi Water”, it is my favourite instrumental. The closing tracks are not standouts by any means, however they do a good job of winding down the album with a bit more of a house/electronic feel.

Choice cuts: “Hi Water” and “The Sound of Violence” (linked via Tinysong, a.k.a. Grooveshark).


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