R&B/Urban updates (Solange, Amerie, Jennifer Lopez, etc.)

Third R&B post in a little under a month and a half! And as you may, or may not have noticed, the vast majority is female R&B, as I quite enjoy the ladies of R&B/Urban/Soul, etc! Read the other two: New R&B (November/December) from November 10, and (More) new R&B! Keri Hilson album cover and Keyshia Cole from November 15.

The release I am probably most looking forward to now that the new Jazmine Sullivan is out, would be the new Solange album.

She is working on her third album, presumably as we speak (or as I type!). She cancelled her Pop Montreal appearance this past October in order to work on the album. I was looking forward to seeing her, however hopefully she will come around in support of the new (awesome!) record. It looks like a release sometime in 2011.

Sounds like it should shaping up to be a quality release, as she suffered from a mental breakdown while recording, obviously not good, however it seems she is passionately working on it (the new album is her ‘baby’). She is producing some, and actually played some drums, synth, etc. on it. Read a A Long Convo With…Solange over at Vibe. In said link she states it is a dance record, however with some dark lyrics. Definitely looking forward after the terrific Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.

Keri Hilson‘s No Boys Allowed will be released this Tuesday the 21st! The very same day as the new Keyshia Cole, Calling All Hearts!


The new Amerie is in the works presently. It will be titled Cymatika Vol. 1. No release date is set, however since the first single “Outside Your Body” has been released, here is hoping for the first half of 2011!

Jully Black is working on her follow up to The Black Book. Details are fairly scarce at this point, as I mentioned in a recent post dedicated to Jully Black. However it will be titled 8ight.

Nina Sky, although perhaps more dance-pop and hip hop than R&B, self released The Other Side EP on August 3 of this year. It can be purchased via digital download for a mere $5 at Bandcamp, and that is in the format of your choice, including FLAC! It was a free download upon release, similar to Radiohead’s In Rainbows. Not sure if it was free free, or name your own price.

The EP was released no thanks to their record label fiasco over the much delayed Starting Today. Whether it gets released period is still unknown. I am not sure where it stands now, but said record label fiasco was due to Nina Sky wanting off of their label, Polo Grounds Records. I really want to see the album released, as they made a video for “On Some Bullshit”, a really great track, and it does not seem to be out in any form, not even a CD single. In the meantime, get The Other Side EP, and bug their record label to release the album, and or let them leave their record label with the ability to release Starting Today elsewhere!

Wynter Gordon, again, perhaps less R&B and more hiphop/dance, however time will tell. Regardless, I just recently heard of her, and her excellent single “Dirty Talk”. Her debut is scheduled for release in March it is titled With the Music I Die. She has actually written tracks for Jennifer Lopez (“What Is Love”, “Starting Over”, and “Everybody’s Girl”. All from the upcoming Love?), Mary J. Blige (“Gonna Breakthrough”), and Danity Kane (“2 of You”) and collaborated with David Guetta, Freemasons and Flo Rida!

So, speaking of Jennifer Lopez, her new release titled Love?, will be released in early 2011. Once released it will have been delayed for over a year! The album cover only has J. Lo written, incorporated into the ‘Love?’. I wonder if she will go strictly by J.Lo, or stick with her proper name. I am guessing it is just for the cover. Apparently it was revealed during the Barbara Walters fascinating people episode! Of which I did not make the list, for some weird reason. In said idiot box television special, it said she and her twins are part of an ad campaign donating one million dollars to Unicef.

Oh, and Monica has a new album in the works, slated for release in 2011. She is working with her cousin Polow Da Don (never knew they were cousins!)

Here are a few notable releases already out:

Sunshine Anderson released her third album (The Sun Shines Again) quietly on November 2. I have not listened to her since her debut, the 2001 Your Woman. I will definitely check it out at some point soon. If I recall correctly, her style of R&B is nice and upbeat and mellow.

Kandi – Kandi Koated

Chrisette Michele – Let Freedom Reign

Jazmine Sullivan – Love Me Back

Some music videos from the aforementioned artists and their new releases:

Keri Hilson – Breaking Point
Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock

Keyshia Cole – I Ain’t Thru ft. Nicki Minaj
Keyshia Cole – Long Way Down

Nina Sky – On Some Bullshit

Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk

Kandi – Leave U

Chrisette Michele – I’m A Star
Chrisette Michele – Goodbye Game

Jazmine Sullivan – Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles)
Jazmine Sullivan – 10 Seconds

Sources used:
A Long Convo With…Solange
A warm start for Wynter
Jennifer Lopez Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010


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