More best of 2010

I knew I would forget some, so here is a few I missed, and honourable mentions. Honourable mentions for albums perhaps deserving the honour of being included in the best of 2010 list, however I have not listened to the releases enough to know if I would include them or not.

KT Tunstall – Tiger Suit

I am surprised I forgot KT Tunstall’s new one, as it is probably my number one if I had to choose. I wrote the review quickly after listening only a few times, and I have found it only kept getting better. It is a great album, fairly minimalistic, with less inclination to glossy pop she has done before, and more a folk approach. As KT calls it, “nature techno”! Of course, KT continues to write great songs too, some of this album being inspired by being a part of the Disko Bay Cape Farewell Project in order to witness the impact of global warming on the Arctic.

Sia – We Are Born

Sia’s first album that finds her foraying into pop, and staying there for most of the album, and it is good!

Honourable Mention:

Goldfrapp – Head First

The Roots – How I Got Over

John Legend and The Roots – Wake Up!

Laura Marling – I Speak Because I Can

Land of Talk – Cloak and Cipher

Caitlin Rose – Own Side Now

Best Coast – Crazy For You


2 thoughts on “More best of 2010

  1. Hi

    I should have commented on this before: a splendid blog and one I always follow. Keep up the good work. In a strange way I’m glad to know that you find lists, best-of lists in particular, hard to figure because so do I. I like this one very much and it is great to see you perspective on new music from Canada too.
    If you have not already done so, and get the chance to, I recommend catching Warpaint or Caitlin Rose live – you won’t regret it!

    Richard (Thoughts on Music)

    • Thanks! I appreciate the kind words. I still check your blog out as well. No doubt I have discovered some new music thanks to your blog! And been reminded of ones as well.

      I’m still trying to get into Warpaint more, as it is not my style generally speaking. Caitlin Rose would be cool. Caught KT Tunstall recently, that was sweet. Would be nice if I could catch Lissie later this month, but she isn’t playing here, so I would have to travel.

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