New artist profile – Jessie J

Odds are good if you are reading this, you already know who Jessie J is.

I only know her from her single, “Do It Like a Dude”, however, it seems 2011 should be a big year for her from what I have been reading. Winner of Sound of 2011 for one (last year Ellie Goulding won, other past winners include Little Boots, 2009, and Adele, 2008).

It is hard to tell from “Do It Like a Dude”, however, according to her Lava Records bio, “Jessie J is not just a great pop artist or a great R&B artist, or even a great hip-hop artist. The British-born, Essex-bred vocalist is malleable enough to encompass several genres, while displaying vocals reminiscent of Motown-era greats.” “Big White Room“, the first song she wrote, gives a better idea.

Jessie J (Jessica Cornish) would go on to be the main songwriter of Miley Cyrus’ big hit, “Party in the USA“. Apparently also inspired by Jessie J’s life.

Speaking of, “Do It Like a Dude”, it is an interesting track to say the least, a mix of pop, hip hop, and a little grime too. Catchy too of course.

Her second single, “Price Tag”, is supposed to be released around March, and her debut, Who You Are should follow sometime after that. I am looking forward.

Edit (January 21): There is quite a few various Jessie J videos on her Vevo page at YouTube, including an acoustic version of her upcoming single, “Price Tag“, Live on Jools Holland (in HD too!). Discovered thanks to:!/MrHudson/status/28392828841234432

I have not heard the studio version yet, but I look forward to hearing it, along with an accompanying music video!

Edit (February 1): The video for “Price Tag” (ft. B.o.B.) is out now!


4 thoughts on “New artist profile – Jessie J

  1. I just heard her song on the radio and it surprised me to see she was caucasian so wanted to see some more background information !
    Hmm thanks anyway!
    It’s a good song I agree with you
    I have yet to hear the new one

  2. She is releasing a new song with BoB titled “Price Tag”.

    I prefer “Do it Like a Dude”. Check out her review at Much Music Blog – Jessie J and her Bio on her website. :)

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