Music Video of the Day recap weeks 16 and 17.

Trying to catch up on MVOD recaps on here. And filler till I write-up a proper post. Week 16 is a normal week, it followed a Canadian week (week 15), and preceded unreleased week (week 17).

#106 (December 3, 2010)
One Day As A Lion – Wild International

Only heard of these guys a few months prior to featuring the music video. They are basically Zack de la Rocha and former The Mars Volta drummer, Jon Theodore. They also have a keyboardist, but for live shows. I have not heard their self titled EP yet, but it definitely sounds like it will be promising!

#107 (December 4, 2010)
Hesta Prynn – Can We Go Wrong

Hesta Prynn is one-third of the female hip-hop, indie group, Northern State, who have in the past drawn comparisons to the Beastie Boys. Stylistically they may not be exactly the same, but it is not an unfair comparison, in fact, a compliment really! Anyway, this is from her debut EP of the same name, Can We Go Wrong. Quite different from Northern State, but still very good!

#108 (December 5, 2010)
Robbie Williams – Millennium

When this song was released, it was the soundtrack song to a mountain I went snowboarding at once with my sister. Not a snowboard friendly mountain, as it has plenty of bumps all over it. Remains a great Robbie Williams solo track, easily one of my favourites from him for sure. I have yet to hear his return to Take That!

#109 (December 6, 2010)
Jamiroquai – Light Years

Another great snowboarding song! Awesome video (tied for first for my favourite snowboarding music video of all time! There is only a few that I know of anyway!) And awesome song, would be awesome to ride down the slopes to (at a reasonable volume of course, to be able to hear other outside noises)!

#110 (December 7, 2010)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Catch You

I first heard this when the single was released, and then I waited until Trip the Light Fantastic was released to listen to it again. Reason being it was so good, I wanted to wait to hear it along with the whole album. It was worth the wait. Great song, great album.

#111 (December 8, 2010)
Coldplay – Violet Hill

First single from what was accepted as a terrific Coldplay album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. I first heard this going to Ottawa to see Nightwood for the first time!

#112 (December 9, 2010)
The Explosion – Here I Am

True punk rock from Boston. Of course they do not exist anymore, but they certainly had a good run. This video was directed by John LaCroix of Boston hardcore band Ten Yard Fight, who also do not exist anymore.

#113 (December 10, 2010) Unreleased music week begins
Fefe Dobson – Don’t Let It Go to Your Head

Lead single from Fefe Dobson’s album Sunday Love (circa 2005), that never saw the light of day. It would have been her second album, but everything happens for a reason (as Fefe has said about it), and now we actually have her second album, Joy. It kept getting delayed, until it was finally shelved.

#114 (December 11, 2010)
Rah Digga – Party and Bullshit

Again, this was going to be released on what would have been Rah Digga’s second album, Everything Is A Story, in 2004, but for whatever reason (record label politics), it never came out. Also, we now have her second album, Classic, and it is a good one!

#115 (December 12, 2010)
Nina Sky – On Some Bullshit

This is a really sweet song, it remains in limbo. Nina Sky self released an EP, The Other Side, this past year, which was free when it came out, similar to In Rainbows, now I think it is available for $5. So “On Some Bullshit” was not on the EP obviously. It was supposed to be released on the album, The Other Side, which has been delayed drastically, and now they are having issues with their label Polo Grounds Music. They apparently want to be released from the label. They have encouraged fans to contact the label to help them out. I very much hope it does get released so I do not have to rely on the music video to hear the song! And to hear other songs that would be on it of course.

#116 (December 13, 2010)
Eve – Tambourine

Another very delayed album for reasons unknown. It was originally set to be released on Here I Am in 2007. Now it is titled Lip Lock, and looks like it will be released around May!

#117 (December 14, 2010)
Olivia – So Sexy

Her second album, Behind Closed Doors, was never released as her affiliation with G-Unit ended before it was released (according to Wikipedia). I suppose it had G-Unit collaborations and tie-ins on it. Also according to Wikipedia, she has a new album that is supposed to be released at some point, Show the World.

#118 (December 15, 2010)
Olivia – Twist It

Bonus Olivia unreleased video!

#119 (December 16, 2010)
Eve – Give It To You ft. Sean Paul

Bonus Eve unreleased video!


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