Another Beatles post

While I am presently working on a couple of new posts, one being a long delayed LP of the Week, I thought I would post this, as it is a little too long for Twitter (actually I will still likely post a Twitter abridged version).

The purpose of this post is to show the three Beatles albums not on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums list.

The first, in chronological order, is With The Beatles, from November 22, 1963, their second studio album. I am of course referring to the original 12 UK releases.

Next is Beatles for Sale from December 4, 1964. It is their fourth album.

Lastly is Yellow Submarine from January 13, 1969. Their tenth album.

Rolling Stone did include one U.S. Beatles release, Meet The Beatles!, which was released January 20, 1964.

Therefore 10 Beatles albums made their list.

I am a fan of The Beatles, however I would like to see other bands and music get the treatment theirs does. No doubt some of it is out there, just a little harder to find.


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