Burlesque film review

Just like my previous blog post, this one finds itself a little too long for Twitter!

Disclaimer: I do not write film reviews very often, and when I do, they are usually documentaries where spoilers are not much of an issue. With that in mind, there are spoilers within this review. In the case that spoilers may be an issue, skip to paragraph five, as it contains no spoilers, and then come back to read the full review after having seen the film!

I will admit it, I did not go see Burlesque for the acting or storyline, or anything that makes a great film. In the end though, it was not that bad. A film whose story, rags to riches so to speak, has been told many a times before. And the film is full of plenty of clichés, and predictability. Such as the scene where the ‘bad’ girl Nikki (Kristen Bell) is going to make a scene of Christina Aguilera’s character Ali, however it was easy to tell as the scene progressed based on prior events in the film, Cher telling Ali character, they (the clientele) pay to see us dance to the music not sing, that that would be Ali’s big turning point in the movie.

Around a little more than halfway through the film when everything is working out well for Ali it had that feel good feeling. In the end of course everything does work out, but the story has clichéd moments that feel like they bring the film down a little.

The moral of the story to me, it is a very rare that someone goes from being a nobody to the big thing that quickly, if one is truly a prodigy so to speak, it can happen, but it is rare. And we cannot jump over periods of our lives with montages. As this is fairly evident, I bring it up for personal reasons, I am learning guitar, and working on some electronic music as well, and as a beginner, I know it takes a lot of hard work, however the film provides a feeling motivation to get going (and keep going!). I may only know a few chords, and still have much work to do, but those are the building blocks. Slowly but surely, staying positive. That being the main reason I wanted to write this review.

Ali, Christina Aguilera’s character, and Jack both have the similarity of being aspiring to do what they love (and moving to Los Angeles in hopes of finding their dreams). He writes music, while she dances and sings. Although it is not much more than accompanying aspect to the storyline for Ali, he eventually (no doubt with the help of Ali) finally finishes a piece of music that Ali sings as the final scene (throughout the film his music is never ‘ready’).

Musically, I do not listen to Christina Aguilera too often, but I do like her, and I know she can belt out music at times. This film is well suited in that aspect for her. And her acting was fairly believable. It was the aforementioned turning point, and other parts where she is performing within the film where she shines. I am not a Cher fan, but when she did sing, one of the times was fairly cliché, as mentioned earlier, regardless, it seems she can still sing.

On the Burlesque soundtrack Christina does have a few good numbers, notably “Express”, the slow “Bound to You”, and the re-working of Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People”. The latter, save for the obvious beat, riffs and the title reference, is reworked enough to make it hard to realise it was Marilyn Manson’s song. And adds a nice positive, upbeat spin on it.


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