Music Video of the Day recap week 18

Week 18, a non themed week. And the week ending on Christmas Eve, so before a couple of Xmas videos. I have embedded three videos. Of course they are all worth checking out, but ones specifically I thought I would highlight.

Ska week is going on right now on my Twitter, three more videos to go!

Blog news, tomorrow I hope to post a proper music review!

#120 Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk

Quite a good dance/pop track. Maybe not quite as underground as Juliet from a few years back, but possibly a sleeper hit. Time will tell, her debut album, With the Music I Die, is set to be released in March.

#121, I Blame Coco – Caesar feat. Robyn

A very nice find. First I have heard of I Blame Coco, and I have yet to hear any more from her, but definitely will. And Robyn’s vocal harmonies work quite well!

#122 Kathleen Edwards – I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory

Second time I have featured Kathleen Edwards as a Music Video of the Day, and for the record, all her material is definitely worthy, be it music video, or song when there is not a music video! AND, she is working on a new album!!

#123 Hannah Georgas – Thick Skin

As with Kathleen Edwards, more excellent Canadian Content (Cancon as we say in the Great White North). She is definitely an up and comer!

#124 The Urge – Jump Right In featuring Nick Hexum

This is the song that got me into The Urge. Actually, I have not really heard much of their stuff released before Master of Styles, which “Jump Right In” is on (going back to 1998!). More music I have to go back and listen to!

#125 311 – Down

As with The Urge, this was the first 311 song I got to know well. And of course, Nick Hexum’s band, as he was featured on the above The Urge video.

#126 Sia – I’m In Here

The video made is for the piano vocal version. Along with the original version, one of the mellow tracks from We Are Born.


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