Music Video of the Day recap week 20

Week 20 was modern British theme week. I sure do like the British ladies, but I included Elbow in there as well.

Again, stay current by following me on Twitter at, and watch for the #MVOD hashtag.

Starting this Friday, February 25, it will be punk theme week, so stay tuned!

#134 The Noisettes – Every Now And Then

The Noisettes second album, Wild Young Hearts is a very very impressive album, with a few perfect tracks. And the entire album is very near, if not. And boy is Shingai Shoniwa good looking!

#135 Marina and the Diamonds – Hollywood

Gotta love Marina!

#136 Florence + The Machine – Drumming Song

Surprise surprise, nice drumming song! Gotta love Florence too!

#137 Charlotte Church – Logical World

I am a pretty big Charlotte fan since her pop debut Tissues and Issues. Although it took a few listens, her new one, Back to Scratch is very good too.

#138 Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

As I mentioned on Twitter, first heard of them, and this song through Top Gear. The episode which featured James May being taught to drive Fin style with none other than Mika Häkkinen! First heard when Mika is powersliding around a corner, making it look easy of course. Kudos to the music directors over at Top Gear, as that, and their other music picks tend to work quite well. Oh, and good song! I still have to listen to more from them.

#139 VV Brown – Game Over

Heck, gotta love VV Brown as well! Apparently she wrote the entire (Travelling Like the Light) album with a one string guitar!

#140 Laura Marling – Devil’s Spoke

From Laura Marling’s sophomore effort which is quite impressive.


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