Jenn Grant – Honeymoon Punch review

“You look like a movie star, from this angle”, Haligonian Jenn Grant sings to start Honeymoon Punch on the song “Oh My Heart”. Right from the get go, it feels like a special album.

I cannot say I am too familiar with Jenn Grant prior to this release. I really only knew her by name. And usually I like to ‘bone up’ (if you will) on artist’s or band’s past music. However in this case I decided not to. I did listen to her first album since Honeymoon Punch came out. However for two reasons I will not comment on it, first I have not listened to it enough, and secondly, a lot of people reading this are probably also not too familiar with her, so this review is ideal for them to discover her (and everyone else who may or may not have heard it).

Honeymoon Punch is a very pleasant album, perfect sunny day kind of music. The music is well written, as are the lyrics, and in many cases very catchy, thus great hooks, but just listening to the songs, the verses are just as enjoyable. The music plays no tricks, and more than likely, it is all real instruments, guitar, drums and percussion, bass, trumpet, saxophone, etc.

“Walk Away” is a particularly good example, the chorus teeters between not walking away and walking away (“Don’t walk away walk away walk away don’t walk away…”), or rather sounds that way thanks to the clever wordplay even if it is all about not walking away. All of this on top of a great walloping drum beat.

“Getcha Good” starts off with riffs one would expect to come out of a Tarantino film (they actually sound like another song, but I cannot say as I know what it is!). It quickly changes to what is pretty much a perfect pop song.

Even the slower tracks (“Paradise Mountain” and “Star to Waves”, the latter which morphs into a marching up tempo coda to write home about) have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. As do the mid tempo tracks, with “All Year” throwing in the classic pop beat for good measure (not sure if it that beat has name, the one that goes clap clap .. clap, etc.).

10 tracks lasting just over 35 minutes, I do not think the album could have been a more perfect length as well. Not too long, not too short, yes, just right.

Bold prediction, but I feel very strongly about it, this album will be shortlisted for this year’s Polaris Prize (Canada’a Mercury Prize). Do quote me!

Honeymoon Punch is a delight of an album.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the video for “Getcha Good” (in 1080p no less!)

Catch her live (Visit her official website, for the most up to date listings):

February 23, Waterloo, ON, Starlight Social Club
February 24, Montreal, QC, Le Divan Orange (I’ll be there!)
February 25, Wakefield, QC, Blacksheep Inn
February 26, Wakefield, QC, Blacksheep Inn
March 1, New York City, Rockwood Music Hall
March 3, Peterborough, ON, The Red Dog
March 4, Kingston, ON, The Grad Club
March 15 – 18, Austin, TX, SXSW
March 18, St. Catharine’s, ON, Brock University, Sean O’Sullivan Theatre
March 19, Mississauga, ON, RBC Theatre
April 13 – 17, Charlottetown, PE, East Coast Music Awards.


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