Choice cuts

Common – Be

It is only the intro track from Common’s 2005 album of the same name, yet it is a good one. It starts off with some nice double bass. Then soon a synth line comes in that kind of sounds like futuristic 8-bit music. Then a piano comes in, and not long after that a string section along with the beats kick in. Great track to start a great album.

Incubus – Drive

Probably one of, if not the most well-known Incubus track. A guitar playing friend of mine called Linkin Park’s “In the End” a very dense track. I did not ask for him to elaborate further. I will steal his description and apply it to “Drive”. There are a lot of layers to this track, and they are layered masterfully. Elements include acoustic guitar,turntablism, beats, and drums at minimum. Likely two guitars, either both acoustic or an electric guitar too, and a bass guitar. And not to forget the songwriting.

I was due for a new blog post, and this came to me while listening to Incubus’ Make Yourself earlier today. I am trying to post at minimum once a week from now on as per a WordPress challenge. More on that in a future post. Also another case of a post too long for Twitter. I have a new LP of the week in my head (well more than one, but one in mind for now), just a matter of putting it to ‘paper’ (I don’t think there exists a digital version of that expression!).

I will also look to catch up on MVOD update posts. Speaking of which, new Music Video of the Day theme week starting tomorrow, Contemporary R&B week! Follow me @tmmblog!


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