Music Video of the Day week 22 weekly recap (January 14 – 20)

January 14 (#148)

Karen Elson – The Truth Is In The Dirt

I believe this is still the only Karen Elson video and song I have heard so far. Another promising British singer! And she was a model apparently! Her debut album came out last year, it is called The Ghost Who Walks.

January 15 (#149)

Daft Punk – Robot Rock

Such a great track! From 2005s Human After All.

January 16 (#150)

Bif Naked – Moment of Weakness

Some classic Bif Naked! As I said on the Tweet, ironic that this one is blocked in Canada, seeing as she is Canadian, and most people (or many) will want to see it are in Canada.

January 17 (#151)

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal – The Blast

From their debut together from 2000, Train of Thought. I still have not heard their newest, Revolutions per Minute, from last year. And Talib Kweli’s just released his latest, Gutter Rainbows, at the end of January. Plenty of great hip hop to catch up on!

January 18 (#152)

Alanis Morissette – Eight Easy Steps

From So-Called Chaos (2004). Her sixth, fourth with her full name.

January 19 (#153)

Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days

Baseball is starting up again real soon, the regular season that is. This is a good song to go with it!

January 20 (#154)

Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

Very club worth Kid Sister track!


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