Music Video of the Day week 23 weekly recap (January 21 – 27)

Starting this Friday April 1, a new theme week, girl singers you probably have not heard of! That will not fit well in a Tweet, so I figured I would have to plug it here as well!

Okay, it dawned on me I can take the lazy route, and just add the URL of the Tweet, and WordPress automatically displays it. Did I say lazy, I meant descriptive, as I can add my commentary that exceeds 140 characters, and you, the reader can read the original Tweet at the same time (well, one right after the other)!

Very nice collabo. Of course, inspired by the similar Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson song “The Girl Is Mine”.

I never really had listened to Team Sleep prior to this Tweet/MVOD. I knew they were the side project of Deftones’ Chino Moreno.

I still have to give 10 000 days some proper rotation! Regardless, Schism is awesome! I call Tool the Radiohead of metal!

Very nice new Pink track. Of course, the uncensored version that is! The uncensored is still good, but just does not seem right.

Similar to Team Sleep, I had not heard She and Him really before this. Quite good, look forward to listening to their albums!

Excellent Face to Face track from 1996. From their equally excellent major label debut. I caught them live this past summer at Warped Tour, it is like they did not take any time off! Yet, their new album comes out May 17, their first in 9 years!

Similarly for Spinnerette, I have not listened to them very much. Of course, Brody Dalle formerly of the front-woman of The Distillers. Anyway, this is not bad!

Again, follow me on Twitter, @tmmblog, for this week’s theme week, girl singers you probably have not heard of!


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