Music Video of the Day week 25 recap (February 4 – 10) – Country Week

For time reasons, and I do not really think of this as a proper blog post, I’m going to skip adding additional commentary, and leave it to the original Tweets.

I hope to have a proper new blog post up tonight!

That one seems to be no longer available. So for US folks (and if it is not blocked elsewhere), click here and for everyone else, it is also on their official website, located here.


Free music, Florrie – Introduction EP!

I am far from a musical scout at this point. I am only working on learning some musical instruments at this point (guitar at the moment), to help my musical knowledge (and perhaps create some music down the line!).

With that in mind, I do have good musical taste (I also have some poor taste, but I can differentiate the two), and sometimes I know who is talented and who is not, who deserves fame, and who does not. Sometimes those that deserve the recognition do not get it, that is just how the major record labels are set up, as they are indeed a business after all.

A little while ago I somehow stumbled upon Florrie, obviously there is some buzz going around since I found her. Anyway, her debut EP, Introduction, is up at her website, as a free download. I only now just read her statement about why she has not signed yet with a major label, or label period. Basically she wants to have time to grow as an artist, to evolve her sound the way she sees fit. That is pretty cool, given most artists would jump at the opportunity to be signed by a label, especially a major label.

So I feel there is no doubt she has the potential to be big! And not only is she a singer, she is a drummer! It is not often we hear of singer-songwriter/drummer! She actually has drummer first on her website!

So, I highly recommend checking her out, it is even possible to download her tracks in FLAC!

Florrie – Introduction EP – free download!

Here is a live performance of the outstanding percussion heavy “Give Me Your Love”:

Florrie has a new EP coming soon, and a music video to accompany the first song from the EP, both April 28!

Also stay tuned to this blog, I plan on linking to some quality free (legal) MP3s I find elsewhere on the web! Like this post, I’ll link to the page not to the direct files.

Record Store Day, April 16, 2011

Tomorrow marks the fourth annual Record Store Day. It will be the fourth year of the celebration. And of all the bands to kick it off, Metallica started it off at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, California, in 2008. The first official ambassador was Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal in 2009. Last year it was Jesse’s friend, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and Them Crooked Vultures, and this is it is none other than Ozzy Osbourne, who requires no statement about his musical history!

Of course the goal is to get people out to their local independent music shop, and support them. And to help entice people, there are plenty of limited edition releases to be found. Some examples include an Adele Rolling in the Deep 10″ LP, a Beady Eye Exclusive Limited Edition 7-inch Vinyl Box Set, Flogging Molly Don’t Shut ‘Em Down 7″ 45 with a track from the new album, “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down”, and an acoustic version of “Saints and Sinners”, the Foo Fighters cover album, Medium Rare on 120 gram 12″ vinyl, a couple Bad Brains releases, God of Love on 12″ vinyl with a bonus 7″ of two never ever released tracks (“Let’s Make Love” and “It’s Agreeable”), and Pay to Cum reissued on 7″ just for Record Store Day, a Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band 10″, Gotta Get The Feeling b/w Racing In The Street, and much much more! See the full list over at the official Record Store Day website.

I will be heading out to a few local record stores, likely just to buy some nice releases I do not own yet. I am not really a record collector, mainly since I do not have a turntable at the moment, however some of the special releases would be very nice for sure!

Along with all special releases, many bands and artists will be doing special performances, including Regina Spektor in New York City.

Chris Brown (no, not that one), the creator of Record Store Day has a video on YouTube showing off plenty of the special releases. It is embedded below.

Get all the information over at the official site,

I will post a blog entry in a day or two with what I pick up. So, happy Record Store Day, and support your local independent record shop!

Edit, for my fine Montreal readers:

Some fine record stores:

Aux 33 Tours
Cheap Thrills
Johnson Cummins latest Maximum Wattage column that touched on RSD.

I know I can add more, however sleep is needed so I can attend Record Store Day!

Music on television April 11 – 16

Looks like I have not posted a “Music on television” post since October! Anyway, here it is again. Every week there is usually a handful of musical guests on television that pique my interest enought to check them out. Here is a few for this week.

Picks are in bold.

Monday April 11

Ice Cube (interview) and Hannah Georgas (performance) on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
Wiz Khalifa on The Late Show with David Letterman
k.d. lang on The Tonight Show not with Conan O’Brien
Lykke Li on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (repeat from March 3)
Asking Alexandria on Jimmy Kimmel (not) Live!
PJ Harvey on Conan
Lykke Li and School of Seven Bells on Last Call with Carson Daly (repeat from March 15)
Foo Fighters on The Daily Show
Ashley Tisdale on The View
Heart on The Talk (whatever that is!)

Tuesday April 12

k-os (performance) on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
Foo Fighters on The Late Show with David Letterman
Sara Evans on The Tonight Show not with Conan O’Brien
Jenny and Johnny on Jimmy Kimmel (not) Live!

Wednesday April 13

Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas on The Late Show with David Letterman
Jessie J on The Tonight Show not with Conan O’Brien
Motorhead on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (repeat from March 2)
Robyn on Jimmy Kimmel (not) Live!
The Kills on Conan
Lissie and Clare Burson on Last Call with Carson Daly (repeat from March 17)
Robyn on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Thursday April 14

TV on the Radio on The Late Show with David Letterman
Bright Eyes on The Tonight Show not with Conan O’Brien
Queens of the Stone Age on The Tonight Show not with Conan O’Brien
Lupe Fiasco on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (repeat from March 4)
Francis and the Lights on Jimmy Kimmel (not) Live!
Florence & the Machine on Last Call with Carson Daly (repeat from March 18)
Sum 41 on Lopez Tonight

Friday April 15

Chris Cornell on The Late Show with David Letterman
Eliza Doolittle on The Tonight Show not with Conan O’Brien
Jessie J on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Saturday April 16

Cee-Lo Green on Saturday Night Live (repeat from January 15)

Misfits – Famous Monsters (LP of the Week)

Does this compare with Danzig-era Misfits? Yes, however only genre wise, that is it punk rock, and horror punk at that. As a whole it is more playful than the Danzig-era Misfits, and it is modernised to fit in with mid to late 90s punk at the time of its release (1999). Danzig-era Misfits will go down well in punk history, whereas Michale Graves’ Misfits is more of a sidenote. Does that take away from enjoying the album, not a chance. Critics, and hardcore Misfits fans of the Danzig led Misfits may not approve, but it is a very catchy, melodic, and yes, fun punk rock album.

The cover image, a drawing actually based on a real press photo starts to tell the story. Michale Graves being the only one without a devilock, yet still fitting in. From the opening intro track, “Kong at the Gates”, it really does not let up. “The Forbidden Zone”, and “Lost in Space” starting the album out after the intro offer some great melodic, fast, and great sing along songs. Both clocking in just under two and a half minutes in classic punk fashion. “Saturday Night” is practically a punk crooner, it starts “there’s 52 ways to murder anyone”, I dare say, that sounds like the Misfits! Songwriting duties were handled by the entire band, and Daniel Rey, the producer, on a few tracks.

Without Danzig writing the lyrics, it is a definitely noticeable. Jerry Only, having been with the band since a month after formation, likely had plenty of input with his experience. Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein was a member of the original Misfits from 1982 on. Michale Graves along with Dr. Chud were the newcomers rounding out the new Misfits lineup. American Psycho was their first release together, in 1997, two years before their second and last album with this lineup, Famous Monsters. Famous Monsters being the first one of the two I heard.

The original Misfits material is essential punk rock listening (see Walk Among Us for one), with that said, is Famous Monsters the best punk album out there, no, and far from it. It does offer a good fun upbeat record!

Music Video of the Day week 24 recap (January 28 – February 3) – Ska Week

Tomorrow is the last video in girl singers you probably have not heard of theme week! Then another week of normal videos. And I have another theme week in the works, as always, stay tuned!

So I was in Toronto this past weekend, if you did not gather from my Tweets! With that said, I am a little behind in proper blog posts, I will put a new one up tomorrow or Friday. And hopefully another on the weekend too.

For the time being, here is the week 24 recap (I do not actually keep track in weeks, just video number. When I do recaps, I take the last video of the week, and divide by seven…) which was Ska Week!

Back when I was listening to college radio a lot, I won a Buck-O-Nine t-shirt with a tape sampler containing four songs (I believe) from their album Twenty-Eight Teeth. It was a great ska track then, and remains!

A Ska-punk classic! No doubt! Great tune! This one is from their self titled 1996 debut.

Another great ska band, and with a girl singer to boot! One that was very easy on the eyes (as I mentioned in the Tweet!)! She being Monique Powell!

Voodoo Glow Skulls, one of my favourite ska punk bands for sure! Not my favourite song from them, but not bad nonetheless.

No Doubt have a new album on the way. Hopefully it will be good. No way it will be in the style of their classic stuff, even if they do manage to get som ska or punk in there. Tragic Kingdombeing essential. “Spiderwebs” of many great songs from the album. It was released 15 years ago and counting!

Likely the most well-known Bosstones song for those who have been following them since their hey day. Still a good one.

I had a little trouble choosing a Less Than Jake video, so I chose “Does the Lion City Still Roar?” from GNV FLA. I have not really listened to them since Borders & Boundaries (2000). I think I will have to try to catch up, as they will be playing this years Warped Tour!

Next recap will be of Country Week!