Music Video of the Day week 24 recap (January 28 – February 3) – Ska Week

Tomorrow is the last video in girl singers you probably have not heard of theme week! Then another week of normal videos. And I have another theme week in the works, as always, stay tuned!

So I was in Toronto this past weekend, if you did not gather from my Tweets! With that said, I am a little behind in proper blog posts, I will put a new one up tomorrow or Friday. And hopefully another on the weekend too.

For the time being, here is the week 24 recap (I do not actually keep track in weeks, just video number. When I do recaps, I take the last video of the week, and divide by seven…) which was Ska Week!

Back when I was listening to college radio a lot, I won a Buck-O-Nine t-shirt with a tape sampler containing four songs (I believe) from their album Twenty-Eight Teeth. It was a great ska track then, and remains!

A Ska-punk classic! No doubt! Great tune! This one is from their self titled 1996 debut.

Another great ska band, and with a girl singer to boot! One that was very easy on the eyes (as I mentioned in the Tweet!)! She being Monique Powell!

Voodoo Glow Skulls, one of my favourite ska punk bands for sure! Not my favourite song from them, but not bad nonetheless.

No Doubt have a new album on the way. Hopefully it will be good. No way it will be in the style of their classic stuff, even if they do manage to get som ska or punk in there. Tragic Kingdombeing essential. “Spiderwebs” of many great songs from the album. It was released 15 years ago and counting!

Likely the most well-known Bosstones song for those who have been following them since their hey day. Still a good one.

I had a little trouble choosing a Less Than Jake video, so I chose “Does the Lion City Still Roar?” from GNV FLA. I have not really listened to them since Borders & Boundaries (2000). I think I will have to try to catch up, as they will be playing this years Warped Tour!

Next recap will be of Country Week!


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