Fefe Dobson – Joy (LP of the Week/review)

I try to avoid clichés when I write reviews, however I feel the following is true, Fefe Dobson is maturing as an artist and as a songwriter. She said at one point everything happens for a reason, about her cancelled second album, Sunday Love. The result is Joy being her second released album.

She can still make tracks that are a lot of fun, like numerous from her debut, and the singles from Sunday Love, and the aforementioned maturity comes through as well. As with her debut, Fefe Dobson has primary writing credits on all tracks.

Her vocals are just as great, from the staccato employed on “Stuttering” to the great pop of “Watch me Move” and “I Want You”. The latter could have easily been a pop classic from the fifties! Also adding to her genre CV, “I’m a Lady” is a perfect garage-y/punky song very much in the vein of The Donnas. (As a sidenote, I wonder if “I Want You” is channeling any Dylan!).

The only featured guest is Orianthi with a guitar solo on “Can’t Breathe”. Kevin Rudolf was one of the co-writers on “Ghost”, and played all the instruments save for drums.

I cannot think of too much else to say, besides this is a great pop/rock album and it is great to have Fefe back at the top of her game!


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