Caitlin Rose/Johnny Flynn Montreal May 27, 2011 show review

Caitlin Rose was opening for Johnny Flynn, who I did not know prior to the show. I went to see Caitlin Rose. I did stick around for Johnny Flynn though. Turns out he is English, and alongside his group play a blend of folk/indie folk and (as Wikipedia says) bluegrass. It kind of reminded me of folk from around the 1970s, which I am far from an expert at. It was pretty good, although not what I would regularly listen to.

The show took place at Il Motore, a venue I had not been to before, and as I Tweeted, it seemed like it was made out of a converted space, such as an old store, or mini warehouse, as it is really in an area that is unassuming as far as music venues are concerned. On a main street that in its immediate surroundings is somewhat more industrial than business orientated.

Opening was of course Caitlin Rose. I am not sure how many people were there for her specifically, however there was a good number of people watching her, and that seemed interested in her set, even if they did not know her songs. Even I did not know them all, as I have not listened to her music extensively, yet.

Caitlin Rose is of course American, having been born in Nashville. Her band members (including Caitlin herself) are fairly young, but play their respective instruments quite well.

Her set was short, probably just around 40 minutes. She played “Own Side”, “New York”, “For the Rabbits”, and “Shanghai Cigarettes” from her debut album Own Side Now. The latter was a very good live version that was quite up-tempo. Likely she also played more from Own Side Now as well. Her set closed with a couple of covers, the second to last being Fleetwood Mac’s “That’s Alright”. She seemed a little shy in front of the french speaking Montreal crowd, yet still seemed to express herself here and there. For instance, that she did not know how to speak french, and she could not perform the Fleetwood Mac song in french! Much of the set was very mellow, but very nice live nonetheless.

Somthing I noticed was the range of her voice is quite good, and is very well suited for her genre. That being proper country, more like Patsy Cline, who she has covered (“Three Cigarettes (In An Ashtray)”).

All in all a very nice set for an opener! Hopefully she will headline on a future tour and play Montreal again.


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