Lissie Montreal micro show review (Apple Store, May 30, 2011)

We were fortunate enough to have Lissie play an intimate set of about 30 minutes at our Apple Store. Very happy I did not miss it!

I was honestly expecting an acoustic set, given the small space, but it was a full on electric, and quite loud at times too (perhaps the small space helped)!

The show was right on time, and Lissie took to the stage along with an additional guitarist (Lissie played guitar throughout), and a bassist/drummer. Yes, the bassist was the drummer as well! Very impressive I daresay! Even if he was mostly playing kick drum and a hi hat with a tambourine affixed.

Lissie’s voice shined, as did her energy and passion! She was working a sweat a few songs in! She played a nice selection of songs from “Catching a Tiger”, including “Everywhere I Go”, and “Little Lovin'”. She stated how she likes to play covers, and she played a new one. I am not sure the song, I believe it is a classic song, she said how she has heard it in airports and gas stations and decided to cover it. I may have recognised it, hard to say, regardless, it was a very nice up-tempo track that she and her band did an excellent job on!

Lissie plays a proper show tomorrow night (May 31) here in Montreal at the Corona Theatre. I highly recommend checking it out. I’ll be there!

An original Lissie song, “When I’m Alone” and a cover:


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