Lissie, Montreal May 31, 2011 (Théâtre Corona)

After having seen her at the Apple Store the night before, I was certainly ready to see Lissie’s proper show.

Ash Koley opened. Ash Koley is named after the lead vocalist, Ashley Koley, however they are a duo, also consisting of Phil Deschambault. Their set was very minimal, consisting of Ash on lead vocals, and Phil was backing vocals, guitar and a pedal that replicated a bass drum. They are fairly poppy, melodic, with a long list of influences that they draw on. They included a medley of some of their influences. They hail from Winnipeg.

Their set lasted around 40 minutes as Ash said as they were commencing their set. Along with the poppy music they had a good stage presence, talking with the audience, and making jokes on each other’s expense. All in all a good set.

Lissie took to the stage to very much appreciation from the fairly small crowd. Not too small, but there definitely could have been more people. Which goes to show, how great artists do not get the publicity they deserve.

Her setup was the same as at the Apple Store, Lissie on guitar, swapping between two Fender Telecaster Thinline between songs, as the stage manager (or touring manager, whatever he is called) tunes the one not in use between songs. Presumably to tune them a specific way. My musical knowledge is not deep enough (yet) to recognise the different guitar tunings. Also like yesterday she had another guitarist, and the drummer/bassist. I thought perhaps the drummer, or bassist just did not make the Apple store, but that seems to be their regular setup! I had the chance to see the drum setup closer this time, and he plays a mini snare with a pedal along with having a bass drum, and hi-hat with a tambourine mounted on top.

Her set composed of pretty much all songs from Catching a Tiger, and a few from her EP Why You Runnin’, including the Hank Williams cover of “Wedding Bells”. She also did a two song encore consisting of the awesome ballad to the Mississippi, “Oh Mississippi”, and a terrific job along with her band covering Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”, which had the drummer/bassist kicking out a hip hop beat while playing bass! As he did (minus the hip hop beat) on almost all songs performed.

Adding to her aresenal arsenal of covers, she performed again the old song I mentioned from the Apple Store show. It being Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back Where We Started From”. As she described it, it is one she has heard in the Moline airport among other places. Her version is a tad more up-tempo than the original, adding a bit more kick. Another great cover!

Lissie seemed happy to be playing Montreal, even with the smaller crowd. She hinted next time once we tell our friends and family she can fill the place! I am sure she would have preferred a bigger crowd, but she said how it was almost nicer with fewer people, In that it was a more personal/intimate show.

With that in mind, Lissie very much seemed to enjoy interacting with the crowd. Ranging from stories about the songs, or reacting to random ‘I love you Lissie’s, and having the band jam while she tied her shoe. The bassist started playing “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang (which ‘borrows’ from Chic’s “Good Times”), the guitarist jumped in, and Lissie started rapping with the “I said a hip, hop, a hippie to the hippie to the hip hip hop, you don’t stop”!

All in all a great show. Which, to steal from Eminem, had me lost in the music, the moment. I own it, I’ll never let it go.


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