Free (Montreal) concert highlights! (Fefe Dobson and Sloan)

So I quietly added a Montreal concert listings to this blog a little while back, the link to find the page can be found in the header of the main page. There is way too many concerts and shows to list everything, so I am only listing ones I am either going to, interested in, or know the band/performers in question.

With that in mind, festival season is starting up in Montreal, and that means a lot, and I do mean a lot of free shows! The Francofolies begin Thursday night, and a couple of weeks after that the Jazz Fest starts up, or just under a week after the Francofolies wrap up! And of course there are plenty of other things going on, holiday shows (provincial and national in late June/very first day of July respectively), and much more. So I am a little too lazy to write them all up on the concert listings page I made, so instead I will just highlight some shows every now and then, as the dates approach.

So for this inaugural free shows post, as the blog post’s title states, I am highlighting Fefe Dobson and Sloan for now.

Fefe Dobson will kick off the Formula One Grand Prix race weekend with a show on Crescent Street in downtown Montreal this Thursday June 9. The show will be at 21:30. I am quite looking forward to this one, as I have never seen Fefe Dobson live. She has played Montreal as an opening act, but I am not sure if she has headlined a show. And with all the years between her debut and her second released album she had no reason to tour and play shows.

Canadian rock greats Sloan play exactly 24 hours later on Friday June 10! Another one I am really looking forward too. If you are Canadian, they are required listening! Not really, but they definitely should be!

That is all for now, even though I do know of many others right now, and the free concert listings for the Jazz Fest will be announced tomorrow! I am looking forward as that sometimes means being able to catch the same band twice (even if it is the same set most likely)!


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