Tales from a music fan

I thought about Tweeting, which I did somewhat already, but I realised this could be an entire blog post, no question, much different from my usual blog posts!

Today at work I listened to The Clash’s third album, London Calling, followed by Buck 65’s 1957 themed album, Situation. I watched the DVD that came with Situation last night, and it had some good short films. I did not realise Situation was about 1957 until I saw the DVD. Not musically, but lyrically of course, although I am sure Buck 65 could pull off an album based on 1957 music! Some of the 1957 events included are the fact that the Situationist International formed that year (I am guessing that is where the album title came from), of which, according to Mr. Terfry (Buck 65), Malcolm McLaren was immersed in, and lyrically found its way to the Sex Pistols music. Sid Vicious was also born that year. Also, to quote Wikipedia, “the apprehension of serial killer Ed Gein, the obscenity trial surrounding the Allen Ginsberg poem “Howl””. On the DVD he also did a show and tell, which further showed his love of baseball (lyrically he references baseball at least twice on Situation! The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants both had their final season in New York before moving to California in 1957). He showed off a home run ball from the 2000 Subway Series, which saw the New York Yankees face off against the New York Mets for the World Series. I think he said it was a David Justice home run ball, but perhaps it was Robin Ventura, as it appears Justic did not homer in the Subway Series. There was also Buck 65 talking with Skratch Bastid about making the album, and how it was Buck 65’s longest album to make (2 years), as one sample was going to cost way more than they could afford, so they assembled musicians to make up for it. Pretty good record by the way.

A few days ago when I was listening to London Calling I realised the theme for Jian Ghomeshi’s CBC radio show, Q, is essentially stealing borrowing The Clash’s “Spanish Bombs”, well the first few bars. I then found this blog post: Ryerson Speech — The Story of Q (updated link, March 2013). Okay, I will admit it, I need to catch up on listening more to The Clash!

The above two CD’s were borrowed from my library, if I purchased all the CD’s I wanted, I would be in the red.

The latest Foo Fighters record, Wasting light, along with my piece of the analog tape it was recorded on!

On my final break at work (in between listening to The Clash and Buck 65), I headed over to the closest record store, realising I have yet to pick up the June issue of Exclaim!. While there, I looked for the new Foo Fighters record, Wasting Light. I found it, for $9.99! (I went back to pick it up after work) This was a copy with the piece of master tape the Foo Fighters recorded on (entirely analog! And in Dave’s garage!). Not like I can do anything with it, but kind of cool nonetheless! It looks like it was cut perfectly, so I wonder if Dave et. al. cut it up themselves, or had people, or a machine do it, and whether or not they were inserted into the disc manually.

I also finally picked up a physical copy of Janelle Monáe’s The ArchAndroid. I was holding out, as I like to purchase CD’s at the concert in question, as I understand it, more money goes to the artist that way. I also purchased the new Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes. She will be playing out our local music festival, Osheaga, this summer. I plan on seeing her then, but who knows what the merchandise situation will be like (I was hoping she would do a free show at the Jazz fest, where she may have done two sets, but I guess this will be a better crowd for her).

Part of what inspired this post was that I decided to get the new Lykke Li when I happened to see it, I definitely like her, but it was not on the top of my list. So, later, when returning The Clash and Buck 65, I had a disc waiting for me that I had reserved, and it was the new Lykke Li! I knew I reserved it, but at the time of purchasing it, did not think of it! Looks like I’ll loan the library copy to my friend Clint, a fellow Lykke Li fan!

At the library, along with Lykke, I picked up Pet Sounds, to many, the greatest album of all time. Up there for sure. It is a 2006 edition with the original mono recordings and a bonus DVD!

As a music geek, I also borrowed this (Beyoncé – I Am … Sasha Fierce songbook). Not like I am ever going to sing like her (that is impossible), however as I Tweeted:

I am also learning guitar, and would like to purchase a bass guitar. Future multi-instrumentalist? That would be nice.

So I forgot to pick up the new Exclaim!, so I went to a local independent music store to get it. While there, I picked up three used discs, Kinnie Starr’s latest, A Different Day, Bif Naked’s awesome I Bificus, and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The former two being Canadian content!

That about sums it up really. I am listening to Pet Sounds now as I type this.


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