The Colbert Report this week!

I am a big Colbert fan. And when he has music guests on, it is always good (not to say the normal guests are not, but since this is a music blog!).

When Rush were on three summers ago (their first time on network , that was sweet, with Colbert starting the next show (waking up from his sleep on his desk, nightcap and all) as Rush were finishing “Tom Sawyer”, or the great Gorillaz interview that had the real Stephen Colbert interviewing them since Murdoc et. al were sending Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett to be intereviewed, so the Colbert Report Stephen stormed off!

The purpose of this post is that it looks like it is an all music Colbert Report this week!

Tonight, Monday June 20, Bon Iver

Tuesday June 21, Florence and the Machine

Wednesday June 22, Talib Kweli

Thursday June 23, The Black Belles.

I Tweeted about Florence and the Machine:

And then I saw Talib Kweli (awesome MC). And The Black Belles, although I did not know them, seem to be composed of Shelby Lynne, and three other gals that I do not know, that should be a recipe for awesomeness! Just check this out:

Bon Iver tonight, who I do not know too well, but he seems alright from what I have heard, including his collabo with Kanye West.

In other news, I have a new LP of the week coming soon, a great rock record!


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