Alien Ant Farm – truANT (LP of the Week)

They are most known for their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. Which is a great cover from their commercial breakthrough album ANThology. Also the first single from that album, “Movies”.

Only two years and a few months later, in August 2003, TruANT was released, however it definitely did not get the attention it deserved. Similar to ANThology, it is entertaining, catchy rock. However it is smart too, in that is very well crafted. The hooks are catchy, yet the choruses are just as entertaining. From the very first acoustic guitar riffs of “Glow”, all the way to the end it is a toe tapper. And it has an especially special chorus, including hand claps!

Although the entire album is not ‘fun’ per say (lyrically or musically), it still feels that way as a whole. “Never Meant” is slightly more serious with reggae guitar riffs. The next track, “Goodbye”, also keeps a serious feel. “Tia Lupé” brings it back up somewhat with a latin tinged number. By the end of “Tia Lupé”, the album is already winding down with only three songs left, making it an album that despite lasting just over 40 minutes, it goes by quickly.

All in all a solid rock album that stands up just fine today despite being released almost 8 years ago. A great record for summer listening, or anytime for that matter!


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