Tinie Tempah, Pass Out, track review

It took me a few listens for me to properly like this. However now that I do, I do!

Basically a hip hop track, with some grime in there for good measure. From the rhymes to the changes and genres within, it makes for a great track.

Labrinth provides the vocals for the chorus/hook, and his style suits the track perfectly. The only thing I don’t like is the lyrics that at times are a bit Kanye like, with an ego. I will put that aside, and think of it as more having goals (even though no doubt bragging and some ego), and working hard to get to where one wants to be, like Dizzee Rascal’s “Dreams”, but still, quite different.

After two choruses, it switches from hip hop to ska/reggae riffs, only to go back to the hip hop and Tinie’s rapping. An indication of what’s to come.

He is pissed, he “never got to fly on a Concord”, and he is “crazy with the kicks” call him Jean Claude.

After the third chorus through the bridge, is a very nice bass line, which leads to all out drum and bass! The LP version (versus the single) has a slightly longer bridge.

For the music geeks:

Songwriters: Timothy Mckenzie (Labrinth), Patrick Okogwu (Tinie Tempah), Marc Williams.
Official lyrics
Key: A-flat Major
BPM: 91 & 176 (drum and bass part)

Single/music video:

Also worth checking out is the Chiddy Bang take on “Pass Out” from their Air Swell mixtape. Also very good, with some original lyrics intact, and many of their own too. Listen at Grooveshark.


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