30 (plus) Bad Religion quotes for 30 years

As promised on my final post in my series of posts from last year, 30 Bad Religion Quotes for 30 Years, a mega-post of all the quotes.

Many of which are two or more, as there are so many great Bad Religion quotes, when there are, they are from the same song. Click the quote number for the original post, which contains my take on the quote, the song the quote(s) are from, and additional information, such as full lyrics, or relevant links.

It has now been just over 13 months since The Dissent of Man was released, therefore they have now been a band for 31 years, and counting.

On with the quotes…


See my body it’s nothing to get hung about
I’m nobody except genetic runaround
Spiritual era is gone and it ain’t coming back


There’s people out there that say I’m no good
Because I don’t believe in things that I should

Countries manufacture bombs and guns
To kill your brother for something that he hasn’t even done

Smog is ruining my lungs, but aren’t sorry they’ve done wrong
They hide behind their lies that they’re helping everyone


Millions and millions chase the wild goose tonight.
To conquer loneliness they’ll chase it all their lives,
And when they find it they can just lay down and die.
It seems the game is mostly pointless in the presence of the prize.


I’m tired of this city, all this toil and strife.
Trying to cross the boulevard, playing Frogger with my life.


It’s superficial progress, they call it liberation
With opiates of silicon, big brother schemes to rule the nation

We’re one nation under God, we stand above the rest
With mighty high technology, we’re never second best


Big bang, big crunch, you know there’s no free lunch.
Kneel down and pray, here comes your judgment day.
Big crunch, you know, it’s gonna be quite a show.
What goes around always comes around, yeah.

There’s no vestige of a beginning no prospect of an end.


I’ve got nothing to say,
I’ve got nothing to do, all of my neurons are functioning smoothly yet still
I’m a cyborg just like you


Remote control
Three cars for every family
Corruption at the expense of the simple majority


I don’t need to be a global citizen
because I’m blessed by nationality

I was born on planet earth
The rotating ball where man comes first
Its been around for a long long time
But now its time to watch it die


I want to bask in your golden light
Submerge in electric waves
I need my connection to the world outside

Your life is historically meaningful
And spans a significant time


10 million dollars on a losing campaign
20 million starving and writhing in pain


Raise Your Voice!


You’ve got a chance to confront the world today

I’m tired of all this Shakespearean misinformation


Disjointed politics founded on petrochemical plunder and we’re its hostages


No progress ever came from war – only a false sense of increase


I know I’m part of something greater than myself
We’re all engaging in a game of attrition
Maybe god is just a chemical fiction
I’m a monkey with a madding affliction


Ignorance is the root of fear, and fear is the kindling of anger.


Among the commuters, dwarfed by the skyscrapers
I watch the countless millions fighting for space
See hateful petty acts, disjointed images
And can’t believe that I’m one of the same race


The stigma of industrial progress killing us over and over again


I had a dream of unity
Where we would walk side by side
But today I see that it’s only me
Just trying to get by


No Bad Religion song can make your life complete.


Here inside this quiet room there’s direction

Someone proclaimed creation, people listened

So many walk in parallel and pull their blinders tight
So few offer apology and accept others rights


Everyone’s vying for patronage
This is the way of the modern world
And something’s gotta give

Everyone’s fighting for dominance
This is the way of the modern world
And something’s gotta give

Now I believe in unity
And I am willing to compromise
But I’m not gonna lie or sell my soul


I want to conquer the world


I’m going for a walk
Not the after dinner kind
I’m gonna use my hands
And I’m gonna use my mind


It’s never really what you own but what you threw away
And how much did you pay?

We can’t do nothing and think someone else will make it right

In your dreams you saw a steady state, a bounty for eternity

We need a fresh and new religion to run our lives

The arid torpor of inaction will be our demise

But the way it is cannot persist for long. A brutal sun is rising on a sick horizon


Don’t be a henchman,
Stand on your laurels,
Do what no one else does and praise the good of other men
For good man’s sake.


Now we all see, religion’s just synthetic frippery
Unnecessary in our expanding global cultural unefficiency


Faith alone won’t sustain us anymore


I refuse to abuse what is kind to the muse
But it’s there and it’s happening to me along the way
As we go through the snow we cannot forget our foes
But the dinner’s always waiting at the table ‘long the way, yeah

Have a favourite Bad Religion quote?


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