Local show preview – November 23, Jon Davis with Ainsley McNeaney, Mangomango and surprise guest at Cabaret du Mile-End

This is my second post in what I hope to be a continuing series of local show previews (local being Montreal in this case!).

Jon Davis

This is show, featuring locals Jon Davis and Ainsley McNeaney is what I would call a big little show. Little show as in it is a local show, not a huge tour, and big as in it is at the Cabaret du Mile-End (5240, avenue du Parc). Happening this Wednesday, November 23. And from what I hear there may be some big shots there, to what extent I am not sure, but Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright, Ron Sexsmith, etc.) may be there.

Ainsley McNeaney

I first saw Ainsley McNeaney back on July 20 at the well-known local venue Casa del Popola. Her set did not disappoint. She plays (and her six piece band — Ainsley included) a unique blend of ‘baroque’ pop. I am pretty sure I heard her music described as baroque pop somewhere, however it seems right, even if I do not know the genre well, aside from associating the term baroque with Baroque music.

I have not had the chance to hear Jon Davis yet, although I met him, and he is a cool guy. I do not know mangomango either, but based on a few pictures, they look like up-tempp music split between girl and guy vocals.

If I knew the surprise guest, I would spill the beans, or at least hint at it, but, alas I do not.

Tickets are only $10, and can be purchased through Ainsley’s Bandcamp page. They will be $15 at the door, IF there are any left!


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