Occupy music.

Likely everyone reading this is part of the 1%. And no matter how anyone feels about the movement, real change is necessary. I am not as educated on the matter as I would like to be, however I know a thing or two, but being a music blog, I will stick to music.

The idea for this post came to me from the first video, Fat Mike (Michael John Burkett) and Eric Melvin (Eric Scott Melvin) of NOFX.

The Occupy movement, aside from being necessary, reminds me, and likely others of all the great protest music out there, or rebel jams as Tom Morello puts it

This one is good, Tom Morello singing Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land

Some good words from Jello Biafra, of the Dead Kennedy’s, numerous other musical projects, and spoken word at Occupy Melbourne. I agree with his last point, that was/is my feeling all along, to keep the movement going.

John Densmore of The Doors at Occupy L.A.

No doubt there is plenty of other great videos and resources, so click on related videos and the like, and seek them out!


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