Supergroups that do not exist, yet #1

Anthony Kiedis – lead vocals
Jason Newsted – bass
Jeff Lynne – guitar
Brad Wilk – drums

Led by Anthony Kiedis, rounded out with modern rock veterans Jason Newsted on bass, Brad Wilk on drums, and all-around veteran Jeff Lynne on guitar, the ‘young’ guys keep the sound relevant to today, while Lynne brings some intelligence, and all-around musical know how to the group.

The final result yields a likely timeless rock record that defies description from the best rock critic. Where even the recorded material that did not make the final cut would be gems to any other music act.

From all of us at the Too Much Music offices (one guy, and no office), a very happy and prosperous 2012. Lots (and lots) to come in 2012 and beyond!

Only 100 years till we can celebrate Canadian rock greats Rush all-year round!


Corinna Rose and Elgin Skye, December 10, Yellow Door (Local show preview)

Third in an ongoing series of posts! This time for local (Montreal — also where the show will take place) folk/pop outfit Corinna Rose, and Elgin Skye.

Corinna Rose

I have seen Corinna Rose live two times now, and both times were sets that were too short! The first time was earlier this summer, and most recently a few weeks before Hallowe’en or so. The first was a proper show, although in a bar, so maybe not so ‘proper’. The second was a more intimate show, so it was much more minimal (cannot recall the exact setup, but it was at the Centre St-Ambroise, which only holds 50 people!).

I purchased her EP at the summer show (I have to post a review soon, along with Torontonian turned Montreal Ainsley McNeaney’s disc for that matter!) and it is quite good, a mix of mellow folk/pop would be my best genre description. Give it a listen over at her Bandcamp page, and buy it too (or better yet, pickup a copy at the show this Saturday!)

Speaking of this Saturday’s show, as per her website, it will be another intimate show, however featuring new material! Perhaps for a future debut full length?


Elgin Skye opens, and after listening to her on the CBC Radio 3 site, I would have to say she reminds me quite a bit of Basia Bulat. And according to the bio on that page, “her sets may include, but are not limited to: clapping, whistling, cooing, singing, stomping.”

Show is 8PM, and here are some additional details.