Corinna Rose and Elgin Skye, December 10, Yellow Door (Local show preview)

Third in an ongoing series of posts! This time for local (Montreal — also where the show will take place) folk/pop outfit Corinna Rose, and Elgin Skye.

Corinna Rose

I have seen Corinna Rose live two times now, and both times were sets that were too short! The first time was earlier this summer, and most recently a few weeks before Hallowe’en or so. The first was a proper show, although in a bar, so maybe not so ‘proper’. The second was a more intimate show, so it was much more minimal (cannot recall the exact setup, but it was at the Centre St-Ambroise, which only holds 50 people!).

I purchased her EP at the summer show (I have to post a review soon, along with Torontonian turned Montreal Ainsley McNeaney’s disc for that matter!) and it is quite good, a mix of mellow folk/pop would be my best genre description. Give it a listen over at her Bandcamp page, and buy it too (or better yet, pickup a copy at the show this Saturday!)

Speaking of this Saturday’s show, as per her website, it will be another intimate show, however featuring new material! Perhaps for a future debut full length?


Elgin Skye opens, and after listening to her on the CBC Radio 3 site, I would have to say she reminds me quite a bit of Basia Bulat. And according to the bio on that page, “her sets may include, but are not limited to: clapping, whistling, cooing, singing, stomping.”

Show is 8PM, and here are some additional details.


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