Supergroups that do not exist, yet #1

Anthony Kiedis – lead vocals
Jason Newsted – bass
Jeff Lynne – guitar
Brad Wilk – drums

Led by Anthony Kiedis, rounded out with modern rock veterans Jason Newsted on bass, Brad Wilk on drums, and all-around veteran Jeff Lynne on guitar, the ‘young’ guys keep the sound relevant to today, while Lynne brings some intelligence, and all-around musical know how to the group.

The final result yields a likely timeless rock record that defies description from the best rock critic. Where even the recorded material that did not make the final cut would be gems to any other music act.

From all of us at the Too Much Music offices (one guy, and no office), a very happy and prosperous 2012. Lots (and lots) to come in 2012 and beyond!

Only 100 years till we can celebrate Canadian rock greats Rush all-year round!


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