Supergroups that do not exist, yet #2

Zack de la Rocha – lead vocals
Boots Riley – vocals/additional vocals
Serj Tankian – guitar
Paul Simonon – bass
Brandon Barnes – drums

This political supergroup formed with the intention of making the world a better place, and taking it to the next level, and also making killer music in the process!

Zack de la Rocha, who needs no introduction takes vocals duties, with some help from Boots Riley (The Coup, Street Sweeper Social Club). Multi-instrumentalist Serj Tankian takes a break from singing (and the occasional screaming) to play guitar.

Paul Simonon, known as the bassist for The Clash, and working with Damon Albarn (The Good, the Bad & the Queen, and Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach) also known for his political activism, most notably with Greenpeace, plays, that is right, bass. And Brandon Barnes of punk rockers Rise Against takes his drumming up to a new level.

Get ready for not only for a supergroup, but a political supergroup (that will likely be a force to be reckoned with)!


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