Tegan and Sara videography

This is a Tegan and Sara videography, all of their videos linked (click on the song title), and a few bonus ones with them (both or individually) as featured guests.

First in what may become a series of posts!

The First from: This Business of Art (2000) dir. Sean Michael Turrell
I Hear Noises from: If It Was You (2002) dir. Sean Michael Turrell
Monday Monday Monday from: If It Was You (2003) dir. Christopher Mills
Living Room from: If It Was You (2003) dir. Kaare Andrews
Walking with a Ghost from: So Jealous (2004) dir. Troy Nixey
Speak Slow from: So Jealous (2005) dir. Tegan Quin/Brian Dutkewich/Angela Kendall
Back in Your Head from: The Con (2007) dir. Jamie Travis
The Con from: The Con (2007) dir. Suzie Vlcek
Call it Off from: The Con (2008) dir. Angela Kendall
Hell from: Sainthood (2009) dir. Jamie Travis
Alligator from: Sainthood (2009) dir. Marc De Pape
On Directing from: Sainthood (2010) dir. Angela Kendall
Northshore from: Sainthood (2010) dir. Angela Kendall
Closer from: Heartthrob (2012) dir. Isaac Rentz
I Was a Fool from: Heartthrob (2013) dir. Shane Drake
Goodbye, Goodbye from: Heartthrob (2013) dir. Natalie Rae Robison
Boyfriend from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Clea DuVall
U-turn from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Seth Bogart
100x from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Jess Rona
BWU from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Clea DuVall
Faint of Heart from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Devon Kirkpatrick
Hang on to the Night from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Lisa Hanawalt
White Knuckles from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Minister Akins
Stop Desire from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Allister Ann
Dyine to Know from: Love You to Death (2016) dir. Nathan Boey

Bonus (videos featuring either Tegan, Sara, or both):

The Reason featuring Sara Quin – We’re So Beyond This from: Things Couldn’t Be Better (2007)
Against Me! featuring Tegan Quin – Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart from: New Wave (2008)
Tiësto featuring Tegan & Sara – Feel It in My Bones from Kaleidoscope (2010)
Astronautalis featuring Tegan Quin – Contrails from: This Is Our Science (2011)
Morgan Page featuring Tegan & Sara – Body Work from: In the Air (2012)

Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island – Everything Is AWESOME!!! from: The Lego Movie (2014)

Edit (December 8, 2016)


Local show preview The Jimmyriggers with Sarah Jane Scouten Saturday February 18 at O Patro Vys

Saturday evening at the O Patro Vys, a very nice, small venue, Montreal’s own The Jimmyriggers take to the stage for a special show, wherein they will be recording it for a live album!

A bit of a harsh poster in my humble opinion, but since it is actually borrowed from a National Lampoon cover years ago, hopefully that dog did not die from being shot! (You did not hear it from me!)

The Jimmyriggers (their official website linked, which includes a way to win a pair of tickets!) play a blend of roots rock, rock, and alt-country. Perhaps more genres, but I just like to enjoy the music! Regardless, they have been on the Montreal scene for many years now, with two full-length releases under their belts!

I actually hear a little R.E.M. in them, and I just happened to read a Montreal Gazette review, which wrote “R.E.M.-style jangle of Sleepwalking and Half in Shadow”. Being compared to R.E.M. is high praise any day of the week in my book!

AND catch The Jimmyriggers

on CTV News at 6:00pm on Thursday February 16th.


will be featured during the What’s On segment with Christine Long.

CTV being a major Canadian network, albeit that is the local news segment, but still, tens of thousands of Montrealers will be watching! If not possible to be viewed, it will be archived on the segments website, located here.

Opening the show is Sarah Jane Scouten who I am just learning of now, British Columbia born, and now Montreal based, she has already grabbed my attention with her song “My Goddamn Country”! Listen to that and others over at her Soundcloud page. She sounds to be very folksy, and rootsy, as it says on her website (minus the ‘sy’, I added that). Making for a very good opening act for The Jimmyriggers!

Visit The Jimmyriggers Bandcamp page to listen (and buy!) their latest long player, I Stand in the Weeds!

Doors open at 9:30, show is $10, and since their is not a Canadiens game Saturday night, there are no excuses not to go!