Tegan and Sara videography

This is a Tegan and Sara videography, all of their videos linked (click on the song title), and a few bonus ones with them (both or individually) as featured guests.

First in what may become a series of posts!

The First from: This Business of Art (2000) dir. Sean Michael Turrell
I Hear Noises from: If It Was You (2002) dir. Sean Michael Turrell
Monday Monday Monday from: If It Was You (2003) dir. Christopher Mills
Living Room from: If It Was You (2003) dir. Kaare Andrews
Walking with a Ghost from: So Jealous (2004) dir. Troy Nixey
Speak Slow from: So Jealous (2005) dir. Tegan Quin/Brian Dutkewich/Angela Kendall
Back in Your Head from: The Con (2007) dir. Jamie Travis
The Con from: The Con (2007) dir. Suzie Vlcek
Call it Off from: The Con (2008) dir. Angela Kendall
Hell from: Sainthood (2009) dir. Jamie Travis
Alligator from: Sainthood (2009) dir. Marc De Pape
On Directing from: Sainthood (2010) dir. Angela Kendall
Northshore from: Sainthood (2010) dir. Angela Kendall
Closer from: Heartthrob (2012) dir. Isaac Rentz

Bonus (videos featuring either Tegan, Sara, or both):

The Reason featuring Sara Quin – We’re So Beyond This from: Things Couldn’t Be Better (2007)
Against Me! featuring Tegan Quin – Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart from: New Wave (2008)
Tiësto featuring Tegan & Sara – Feel It in My Bones from Kaleidoscope (2010)
Astronautalis featuring Tegan Quin – Contrails from: This Is Our Science (2011)
Morgan Page featuring Tegan & Sara – Body Work from: In the Air (2012)

Tegan and Sara are presently working on their new album!

Edit (December 14, 2012): Updated with “Closer”

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