What I’m reading, watching and listening to on the World Wide Web

I will start off with my friend Wayne’s radio show, “North of the Border.”

His show plays nothing but the best in modern Canadian music, hence the title, as it broadcasts out of New York State (Troy to be exact). It can be heard Saturday nights at 7 p.m. Eastern Time (North America) on Exit 97.7 WEXT. However it can also be streamed live, through their website, or using the TuneIn radio app on numerous different platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc).

Canadian Music Hall of Fame

Oscar Peterson is, quite simply, one of the greatest virtuosos in jazz.

Head on over to their blog for some good reads. Also, check out the featured artists, Oscar Peterson being one right now. Listen to his music, and your IQ will slowly rise. And check out all manner of other great Canadian music!

Sinéad O’Connor: ‘I define success differently’ @ The Guardian

O’Connor has spent the past 25 years forcing onlookers to take sides: depending on your tastes, she’s either an attention-seeker whose capricious behaviour has taxed fans’ loyalty for years, or one of pop’s bravest artists.

First Take: Little Scream @ mtv.ca
Spotlight on Little Scream’s Laurel Sprengelmeyer. Yet another talented emerging Montreal artist!

Drum Fill Friday @ NPR
On my first try, I think I got them all in 7 or 8 tries after listening to them all. The Beatles one was the only one that was really easy for me!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Release Interactive Music Video @ Warner Bros Records
Pretty cool!

Lastly, I first heard this during the new G.I. Joe trailer, a movie that I will not see, but the music within, a remix of “Seven Nation Army” by The Glitch Mob is very sweet!